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Jared Leto’s Bizarre Method Acting In Morbius Started To Slow Down Filming

Jared Leto’s Bizarre Method Acting In Morbius Started To Slow Down Filming

Leto didn't turn into a living vampire, but he probably would have if he could

Jared Leto's method acting on Morbius was so thorough that it ended up slowing down the movie's production.

The Oscar winner has a bit of a reputation for getting deep into character. On House of Gucci, for instance, he joked he 'snorted lines of arrabbiata sauce'.

So, when he was given the chance to play Marvel's living vampire, he took his craft seriously - to the point his toilet breaks became a problem.

Morbius is the latest entry in Sony's Spider-Man universe, aka the one with the Venom movies in it, which aren't technically part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I could try to break that down for you, but who has the energy?

Leto plays Dr. Michael Morbius, a medical genius with a rare blood disorder who attempts a desperate gamble as a cure. It works, only it comes with a caveat: he has a near-unquenchable appetite for human blood. Oh, and he's got superpowers.

In an interview with Uproxx, director Daniel Espinosa opened up about the film's... fascinating production, and Leto's methods on-set.

Jared Leto probably would have turned into a vampire if he could.
Sony Pictures

The journalist cited a rumour he'd heard about Leto, that he was 'so committed to playing Michael Morbius that even when he had to go to the bathroom, he would use his crutches and slowly limp to get to the bathroom.'

They continued: "But it was taking so long between for pee breaks, that a deal was made with him to get him a wheelchair so someone could wheel him there quicker and he agreed to that. Is this true?"

Espinosa confirmed this was true. He said: "Because I think that what Jared thinks, what Jared believes, is that somehow the pain of those movements, even when he was playing normal Michael Morbius, he needed, because he’s been having this pain his whole life.

Jared Leto in Morbius.
Sony Pictures

"Even though, as he’s alive and strong, it has to be a difference. Hey, man, it’s people’s processes. All of the actors believe in processes. And you, as director, you support whatever makes it as good as you can be."

Espinosa went on to say it wasn't frustrating to him, because 'almost all actors, in general, have their own reputation of being an interesting person how he works with their characters.'

He added: "I think that all of them have these traits. If you want a completely normal person that does only things that you understand, then you’re in the wrong business. Because what’s different is what makes them tick."

My dear boy Jared, why don't you just try acting?

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