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'IT' themed escape room offering 'intense experience' has been created

'IT' themed escape room offering 'intense experience' has been created

Why would anybody want this?

Have you ever sat down to watch the movie It and thought to yourself: 'wow, I wish this was real'? No, me neither.

But the strange, sadistic people who *have* thought that, might be pleased to know that an 'intense' It-themed escape room is now open and promises to petrify anyone who dares enter.

And before you ask, yes, Pennywise will be there.

This fella will be with you in the escape room.
New Line Cinema

'Escape IT' was created by Egan Escape Productions who have previously designed horror-themed escape rooms based on films like Saw and The Blair Witch Project.

The team's latest escape room, inspired by the spine-chilling Stephen King story, was originally supposed to open back in December, but was met with several delays.

But, three months later, it's finally up and running, and ready to frighten the living daylights out of anyone who sets foot inside.


Just be warned: this is nothing like your average escape room.

Stretching out to 30,000 square feet, the horror attraction has 20 different interactive spaces to work your way through before you make your way back to safety.

Not only that, but the whole place is rigged with cutting edge special effects and live actors to make sure you get a good scare.


'Escape IT' is based in Las Vegas and is divided up into two chapters, each inspired by one of the films.

Chapter One is currently open to the public, but fans who want more will have to wait until later this year to try out Chapter Two.

In Chapter One, the mission is to find Derry's missing children, working your way through scenes you'll recognise from the first film.

That includes the unsettling sewer tunnels, the 'Three Doors' room, the Neibolt House, and the Clown Funeral Room.


But you'll have to be quick.

Because, not only are you up against the clock, but Pennywise the Clown will be hot on your heels.

In a warning to fans hoping to visit the terrifying attraction, officials have warned that this is an 'intense escape experience'.

And official statement on the escape room's website reads: "It will be loud, dark, and foggy throughout the attraction.

"Special effects, mechanical devices, and live actors will be in every room.

"Be advised that no refunds will be given due to 'scare factor' or the intensity of the attraction."

So, before you buy tickets for this one and book your trip to Las Vegas, just be sure you know what you're in for...

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/Egan Escape Productions

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