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iCarly’s Miranda Cosgrove responds after co-star Jennette McCurdy’s shocking Nickelodeon allegations

iCarly’s Miranda Cosgrove responds after co-star Jennette McCurdy’s shocking Nickelodeon allegations

McCurdy claimed she was offered $300,000 in 'hush money' to keep quiet about her time on the show

Miranda Cosgrove has responded after her former iCarly co-star Jennette McCurdy claimed she was offered to thousands of dollars to keep quiet over alleged abuse at Nickelodeon.

In McCurdy’s new memoir I’m Glad My Mom Died, the 30-year-old alleges that Nickelodeon presented her with $300,000 (£248,498) to keep quiet over the alleged abuse she faced at the network.

In an excerpt published by Vanity Fair, McCurdy doesn’t mention her alleged abuser by name, but refers to him as ‘The Creator’.

Despite the legal drinking age being 21 in the US, she detailed that he encouraged her to drink alcohol aged 14.

The actor also alleged he inappropriately massaged her shoulders and while she wanted to tell him to stop she was 'so scared of offending him.'

When the show was axed, McCurdy claimed Nickelodeon offered her $300,000 as a 'thank you gift', but said the only thing they wanted her to do was to 'never talk publicly about your experience at Nickelodeon'.

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However, she rejected the money as it felt like 'hush money', explaining: “What the f**k? Nickelodeon is offering me $300,000 in hush money to not talk publicly about my experience on the show? My personal experience of The Creator’s abuse?

"This is a network with shows made for children.

“Shouldn’t they have some sort of moral compass? Shouldn’t they at least try to report to some sort of ethical standard?

“I lean back against the headboard of my bed and cross my legs out in front of me. I extend my arms behind my head and rest them there in a gesture of pride. Who else would have the moral strength? I just turned down $300,000.”

Cosgrove, who played Jennette’s best friend in the show, has since reacted to the shocking claims.

Speaking to the New York Times she said: “When you’re young, you’re so in your own head.

“You can’t imagine that people around you are having much harder struggles.

“You don’t expect things like that from the person in the room who’s making everyone laugh.”

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