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People are convinced they know who new horror villain is based on
Featured Image Credit: Blumhouse

People are convinced they know who new horror villain is based on

The new trailer has landed but some viewers couldn't look past the doll's similarities to a certain star

A trailer for upcoming horror flick M3GAN has arrived - and people reckon the creepy doll is a dead ringer for a certain Hollywood star.

If there’s one thing that’s almost guaranteed to send a shiver to the spine of cinema-goers, it’s creepy realistic dolls and M3GAN is no different - check out the trailer:

M3GAN, produced by horror movie heavyweight James Wan, centres on Gemma (played by Allison Williams) who uses artificial intelligence to create a high-tech robotic doll that is especially designed to look after and protect its owner.

When Gemma unexpectedly becomes guardian to her niece Cady, after her parents die in a car accident, the roboticist decides to enlist the help of a M3GAN prototype hoping that it will make a new companion for Cady (played by Violet McGraw).

But, of course with this being a horror movie, things soon turn deadly when M3GAN (played by Amie Donald and voiced by Jenna Davis) becomes self-aware and dead set on protecting Cady at all costs.

M3GAN the doll in all her creepy glory.

The trailer for M3GAN landed today and has already got scary film fans excited, however, some people were unable to look past the dolls strong resemblance to Elizabeth Olsen.

Posting on Twitter, one person said: “Is the robot from M3GAN supposed to be an Olsen twin?”

Another wrote: “Discovered the actress who voices M3GAN is…not Elizabeth Olsen. Which is weird bc that’s exactly who this doll is modelled on."

Someone else said: “Is it just me or is M3GAN a long lost Olsen sister?”

While a fourth commented: “You can’t convince me that M3GAN isn’t played by Elizabeth Olsen.”

Talking about the movie during a recent interview with Empire, Wan joked that M3GAN was ‘Annabelle meets The Terminator’ - count me in, that sounds great.

People think the robot bears an uncanny resemblance to Elizabeth Olsen.
Tsuni / USA / Alamy Stock

Revealing a little more about why he wanted to make the movie, he added: “I’m fascinated by things that are meant to be innocent, but become more… malign.”

Akela Cooper, who wrote M3GAN alongside Wan, admitted that she wasn’t a big fan of dolls herself but hoped she’d managed to create an ‘iconic monster’ in the deadly robot.

She told the publication: “My thing was ventriloquist dummies. I saw the Anthony Hopkins movie Magic at a really young age and that cemented the creepiness in my brain. I was a big Child’s Play fan, too. It was always my dream to create an iconic monster of my own.”

M3GAN hits cinemas on January 13.

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