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Fans have chilling theory about Kevin’s uncle in Home Alone
Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Studios

Fans have chilling theory about Kevin’s uncle in Home Alone

Fans have multiple theories about the true nature of Kevin's unlikeable Uncle Frank from the Home Alone films.

Uncle Frank from Home Alone was less than likeable in the Christmas film but some fans have concocted interesting theories about his true nature.

At this point, seeing the McCallister family of Home Alone-fame each Christmas is as traditional as gift giving.

And after watching the Christmas film each year, you start to notice things that simply went over your head as a child.

This has certainly sparked some fascinating theories and questions about the story and its characters.

Because Macaulay Culkin’s portrayal of the devilishly witty and forward-thinking Kevin McCallister is so captivating, you’d be forgiven for not noticing a lot of the other family members.

Kevin’s easily dislikable Uncle Frank is one family member that has had more than a fair few theories circulating online regarding his motives and true nature.

Fans of Home Alone have sparked some fascinating theories over the years.
20th Century Studios

A writer from the now defunct Crave publication, Rob Fee, theorized that while Uncle Frank is clearly quite obnoxious to the rest of the family, Kevin especially, he had even darker motives.

Fee suggested that Uncle Frank hated Kevin’s father, his brother, as he refused to contribute towards the massive $122 bill for the pizza. Mind you it was a meal that himself as well as all his children were munching on.

Frank clearly hates Kevin as he calls him a little jerk after his fight with his brother Buzz resulted in the pizza being partially ruined.

So, you hate your brother and his son, the next logical step is to pay some criminals to rob his home while you go on holiday with them as a family. According to the theory, that is exactly what he did, the most air-tight crime ever conceived.

Frank clearly hates Kevin seeing as he calls him a little jerk after his fight with his brother.
20th Century Studios

While it might seem a little far-fetched, some fans have come to a similar conclusion.

Reddit user Kaladad9893 shared his film theory and said: “Who has contempt for his brother, is a 'Mr. Cheapskate', and always tries to get his brother to pay for ANYTHING? Uncle Frank," he wrote.

“It wasn't only about money. It was about getting back at his brother,”

Some users have also latched on Uncle Frank’s character and taken their theories on a much darker path.

Reddit user Luminescence9 not only suggested that the Wet Bandits were hired by Frank but that he put a hit out on Kevin specifically, putting in motion the plan to see Kevin left behind. Though this theory certainly plays fast and loose with the truth, still fun to think about though.

Do you have your own Home Alone theories?

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