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Guns N’ Roses Fans Raving Over Thor: Love And Thunder

Guns N’ Roses Fans Raving Over Thor: Love And Thunder

Director Taika Waititi has admitted to being a huge fan

Guns N’ Roses fans are delighted with Thor: Love and Thunder, which features a slew of hit songs by the band. 

The latest movie in the Marvel franchise, which sees Chris Hemsworth reprise his role as the titular god, landed in cinemas last week and fans of the US rock band have been left impressed with its soundtrack. 

Director Taika Waititi is a huge fan of Guns N’ Roses, and managed to cram four songs by the band onto the soundtrack, including 'Welcome to the Jungle' and 'Paradise City'. 

You can catch a bit of 'Sweet Child O' Mine' in the trailer here:

Speaking to the NME about his decision to include four Guns N’ Roses songs on the soundtrack, Waititi said: “We actually wanted five but that might have been overkill. It was a real triumph, having one of my favourite bands from when I was a kid, the band that really informed the soundtrack to my life.

“Still at 46, usually at about 3am when I’m in bed, I’ll watch Guns N’ Roses music videos. I don’t go on one of those porn sites, I go and watch Axl Rose in the Paradise City music video!” Fair enough. 

And it isn’t just Waititi who reckons the songs are a great fit for the flick – fans are equally as pleased.

Posting on Twitter one said: “Contractually obligated to like the new Thor movie because it used not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR Guns N' Roses songs.”

Thor: Love and Thunder is released in July.

Another wrote: “Thor: Love and Thunder – pretty good and the best use of Guns N' Roses you’ll ever hear in a movie.”

While someone else commented: “You wanna go see Thor: Love and Thunder to see Thor. I wanna go see the movie to hear Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N’ Roses played on the big screen. We ain't the same, bruv.”

A fourth said simply: “Soundtrack was f***ing great.” And does praise come much higher than that? 

Waititi previously revealed that he wanted the movie – and its soundtrack – to have an 80s’ vibe. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone he said: "I just wanted the whole thing to feel like an electric-guitar lead break. 

“All the art and everything, it feels like an '80s album cover. Even the title treatment – I wanted it all to feel like something I would draw on my school book in class, when I was perfecting the Metallica [logo]."

Thor: Love and Thunder is showing in cinemas right now.

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