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Grimes Declares War On Minions And Accuses Them Of Being 'Aesthetic Terrorism'

Grimes Declares War On Minions And Accuses Them Of Being 'Aesthetic Terrorism'

Musician Grimes is fed up with Minions and claims they 'do not need to exist'

Grimes has officially declared war on the cheeky yellow characters from Despicable Me, and fans can't believe it.

The musician, real name Claire Boucher and on-off partner of Elon Musk, has taken aim at the Minions on Twitter, and she is not holding back.

If you thought you'd never see the two words 'terrorism' and 'Minions' in the same sentence, think again.

Earlier today (August 4) Grimes tweeted a photo of three minions in little black suits alongside the caption: "Minions are aesthetic terrorism, this did not need to exist."

Fans were seriously offended by the tweet, with one person writing: F***ing hate speech."

Another added: "How about you mind your own business, b**ch."


"I can’t keep defending her. she’s gone too far this time," a third person commented.

Someone else quipped: "so glad she uses her platform for good."

In Grimes' defence, a follow-up tweet from the musician read: "OHHHH f**k this was supposed to be from my burner account I shud delete this ok I’m so sorry."

As one might expect, her true fans were very accepting of her opinion on the animated characters.

One fan wrote: "Don’t apologize, @Grimezsz! It’s great that we all have our own opinions – please don’t delete this!"

"LMFAOOOO, dont delete, this needs to be known by all [sic]," a second added.

Another sympathetic fan said: "It’s ok C, don’t worry. We won’t hate u because u don’t like how minions look, I personally find them cute. It’s ok to have different options on something [sic]."

In other minions-related news, an anonymous person previously went on a mad rant about the little yellow creatures and laid out the reasons why they weren't a fan – and nearly 7,000 people were on their side.

Universal Pictures

They wrote: "I hate everything about minions. I think me, and the many people like me, do hate how much we have to see them, but there's more to it. There are the annoying noises, the grating yellow color, the unfunny jokes...

"But I think most importantly is how they function in the actual movies. You can sense in every scene they're in, it's an interruption to the flow of the story. You can tell, therefore, that they are not here for any narrative reason, but are instead manufactured mascots designed expressly to appeal our lowest, lowest sensibilities. 

"And to anyone unaffected, and even insulted, by this transparent corporate invasion on the script, it is baffling and immensely disheartening to see the tactic actually working on people. Think of Twilight, a known pile of garbage, that somehow suckers otherwise intelligent people... the frustration is the same."

Each to their own I say.

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Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures/@grimes/Instagram

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