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Final Destination actor became terrified after reading script about plane crash while on flight

Final Destination actor became terrified after reading script about plane crash while on flight

Devon Sawa chose the wrong time and place to read his Final Destination script...

After one of the most childhood-scarring films was released in 2000, an old interview has resurfaced which shows how the movie script affected the lead actor.

Actors Devon Sawa, Ali Larter and Kerr Smith appeared on E4 in the 2000s to speak to host Dermot O’Leary about the iconic horror Final Destination, which followed the events of a crazy freak accident involving a plane crash.

Sawa, who played Alex Browning in the franchise, admitted that one scene in particular was poorly timed as he read the script for it in an inappropriate place. Yikes.

He explained to O’Leary that he didn’t have an option for an in-flight movie while travelling by plane from Vancouver to LA and so he did most his reading in the air.

Unfortunately for him, the entire plot of the film surrounded the mysterious and paranormal events of a plane crash in which his character has a premonition would happen.

In the movie, ‘fate’ was actually death, who followed each surviving student until everyone was dead.

It was pretty messed up, to say the least, and featured some creative and iconic death scenes.

He picked the wrong time to read his script.
Channel 4

The premonition scene is something that would absolutely give anyone a nightmare or two, never mind reading it when you’re actually suspended in the air.

He really picked the wrong time to read that scene...

Speaking about how it affected his flying experience, he said: “I found myself looking out of the window ever five minutes, every time we hit turbulence”.

But other than that, he didn’t find that it has hindered him since as he has to fly for work so wasn’t too scared.

Devon Sawa and Brendan Fehr in Final Destination.
New Line Cinema

Larter was also scared by the plot but found the movie ‘wonderful’ and was ‘amazed by how good the film’ turned out after it was edited together.

Smith however, really loved playing a ‘bully’ character and wanted to mix-up the types of characters he chose to play, which meant that he got to experience a lot of different things in his acting career.

If you're a fan of the franchise, a US law firm has actually revealed which Final Destination death is most likely to happen in real life.

Unsurprisingly, the answer is linked to one of the franchise's most gory and memorable deaths.

The scene has scarred a generation so much so that there is even a TikTok trend of passengers filming people actively trying to avoid driving behind lorries carrying tree trunks.

Any guesses?

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4/New Line Cinema

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