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Viewers divided after watching Zac Efron’s ‘cringe’ new Netflix movie

Viewers divided after watching Zac Efron’s ‘cringe’ new Netflix movie

The film stars Zac Efron alongside Nicole Kidman and Joey King

Netflix viewers have been left on the fence after watching Zac Efron's latest movie.

We all love spending a cosy Sunday afternoon curled up watching the latest rom-com, especially when there's a brilliant cast.

But it can often be a divisive movie genre and while some loved Efron's latest flick, others called it 'cringe' and 'boring'.

Some even said it was far too alike another recently released movie starring Anne Hathaway.

A Family Affair stars Netflix stalwart, Joey King, playing Efron's assistant and Kidman's daughter (Neflix)
A Family Affair stars Netflix stalwart, Joey King, playing Efron's assistant and Kidman's daughter (Neflix)

The film, A Family Affair sees Efron play demanding Hollywood film star Chris Cole.

Chris has an assistant, 24-year-old Zara (played by Joey King) who's not too impressed when her boss starts up a relationship with her mom - Brooke Harwood (played by Nicole Kidman).

Things get pretty steamy between the pair, but it sounds like it could be more than just a fling, with Brooke explaining in the trailer: "I am starting to feel things that I never thought I would feel again, not since your father died."

Over on LADbible's Netflix Bangers Facebook page, some people who were yet to see the movie were asking for advice on whether it was worth the watch.

But it seems viewers were divided over the plot and cast.

One wrote: "I liked it. Could sit though without being distracted, But I probably wouldn't watch it again any time soon."

While another said: "Brilliant film I thought!"

And a third added: "Joey King was terrific in my opinion! The story line was cute!"

Others were less than enthusiastic, however, with several calling it 'boring'.

Another said: "Cringey as fudge. It was actually uncomfortable to watch," while a second added: "It was terrible and corny."

Others said the film was too similar to another recent movie - Anne Hathaway's recent Amazon rom-com, The Idea Of You.

People were divided on the movie (Netflix)
People were divided on the movie (Netflix)

The film stars Hathaway alongside Purple Hearts actor Nicholas Galitzine, as the pair fall in love but are ultimately forced to pause their relationship for the sake of Hathaway's teenage daughter.

Spotting the similarities between the two films, one person wrote on X: "Netflix’s answer to The Idea of You."

Another added: "Wasn’t Anne hathaway just in this movie."

A third pointed out: "The Idea of You and A Family Affair both coming out this year... I just find myself. suspicious. of Hollywood giving us two older woman/younger man romcoms at the same time.

"I’m ALWAYS suspicious when it looks like they’re suddenly subverting old and baked-in formulas."

Love it or hate it, we're still intrigued to watch. You can catch Family Affair on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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