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Elon Musk slams 'disconnected' Rotten Tomatoes score for Super Mario Bros. Movie

Elon Musk slams 'disconnected' Rotten Tomatoes score for Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Twitter CEO has had his say.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has hit out at film critics who have given the new Super Mario Bros. Movie a critically low review rating.

Following its theatrical release earlier this week, the Super Mario Bros. Movie has been plagued with negative reviews via the review aggregation site, Rotten Tomatoes.

At the time of writing, the Universal Pictures film (based on Nintendo’s beloved Mario game franchise) has a 56% Tomatometer rating. This marks it ‘Rotten’ despite the contrasting 96% audience score, which is considered as ‘Fresh’.

One critic called the film, “emotionally bland and yet garish enough to psychologically sedate the pre-teen Easter audience.”

Another wrote, “Mario’s animated movie debut is too safe and passive, more content with referencing its source material than playing with it.”

Elon Musk has called Super Mario Bros. Movie critics 'disconnected'.

Film critics and journalists are not the only ones to have previously bashed the movie.

Ex-Luigi voice actor John Leguizamo previously said he wouldn’t be watching the Super Mario Bros. Movie due to the lack of Latino representation.

He told TMZ on the day of the film’s theatrical release, “No I will not [be watching]. They could’ve included a Latin character.”

However, Musk, 51, isn’t happy about the children’s movie getting bashed online. He believes these reviewers and film critics are “disconnected” from what the public enjoys.

Taking to Twitter, Musk replied to a tweet which contained a screenshot of the Super Mario Bros. Movie’s Rotten Tomatoes score.

The tweet itself, from an account called @BoredElonMusk said, “Content review systems are broken.”

“Because critics have a problem with Chris Pratt, the "experts" have deemed the new Mario movie a D- even though audiences clearly love it,” the Tweet continues. “Both of these groups are obviously biased, but the disparity here reveals a major problem.”

On the attached image, the Tomatometer score read 53% while the Audience Score was much higher at 98%.

Musk responded to the statement by writing, “Wow, the critics are so disconnected from reality!”

However, the Tesla co-founder and CEO isn’t the only one to pan the scathing reviews.

One Twitter user wrote, “Looks like the critics were more Koopa Troops than Super Mario when it came to reviewing the iconic plumbers’ big screen debut.”

The Super Mario Bros. movie has been panned by critics via Rotten Tomatoes.

Another dismissed the Tomatometer score by saying, “I always just follow the audience scores tbh. Feels like that has a much better correlation with whether I’m going to enjoy the movie.”

A third echoed previous sentiments and said, “Just watched it yesterday. I thought it was fantastic. Kids and adults alike loved it. There are so many details for hits of nostalgia for those that have been in Mario’s World for their whole lives.”

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is in selected cinemas now.

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock/Universal Pictures

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