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Disney Pixar have teased its upcoming movies with easter eggs in films for over 20 years

Disney Pixar have teased its upcoming movies with easter eggs in films for over 20 years

The animation studio has hinted at films for two whole decades

Disney Pixar have been providing us with some of our favourite animated films for decades now.

Whether it's the new releases or the old classics, the animation studio has done a great job at gathering a loyal audience.

Some of which have started to clock on to some in-jokes and easter eggs the studio have been placing in their films for over two whole decades now. Check out some of the easter eggs:

One eagle-eyed Pixar fan made a compilation of all the alleged easter eggs that the Disney animation studio had been leaving throughout a handful of their films.

The first on the list was Toy Story 2, which first hit our screens back in 1999. The clip showed cowboy protagonist Woody looking into a draw filled with a whole load of toy eyeballs.

The fan drew a comparison with the array of eyeballs to a scene in Monsters Inc., which came out two years later in 2001.

One fan made a compilation of the Pixar easter eggs.

The scene showed a purple monster with a similarly whole lot of eyes - 16 to be exact.

While the two clips aren't directly linked - you can't deny the uncanniness between them.

Next up on the easter egg rundown was yet another clip from Monsters Inc. showing Mike Wazowski stood in front of a door opening into a child's bedroom.

The bedroom in question can be seen with a very familiar-looking orange and white clownfish hung up on the wall.

Some two years later and Finding Nemo, a tale that follows a father clownfish desperately searching for his son, was released in cinemas in 2003.

Is that Nemo we spy?

Also in Finding Nemo, a child sitting in the waiting room for the dentist can be seen reading a comic with a particular superhero on the back cover.

The superhero is wearing a black and white costume with the initial 'i' plastered on the front.

Wonder what that could stand for... You guessed it - The Incredibles.

The iconic tale of a superhero family battling against the evil Syndrome instantly became a fan-favourite after coming out in 2004.

And finally, a blue car seen in a background shot of an action scene in The Incredibles which holds a striking resemblance to none other than Sally Carrera - the seven-time champion of the Piston Cup from the movie Cars which first hit our screens in 2006.

A Cars easter egg was spotted in The Incredibles.

The video, uploaded to Twitter, has since amassed over 6.9 million views, 79.6k likes and heaps of comments from fans eager to share their reaction to the news.

One Twitter user wrote: "I'm literally stunned."

"This is why I love Disney," praised a second, while a third added: "Never in my life have I ever notice these until now."

While some observant fans had already clocked onto Pixar's use of easter eggs, they were still happy for the others clocking on to it for the first time.

They wrote: "It’s nice to see people still discovering this for the first time! My mind was blown when I learnt this eight years ago."

Featured Image Credit: Pixar

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