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Lead actor from 'super inappropriate' Disney movie responds to calls for it to be removed from streaming
Featured Image Credit: Disney

Lead actor from 'super inappropriate' Disney movie responds to calls for it to be removed from streaming

Brian Bonsall starred in the Disney movie that some have now deemed 'wrong'

The lead actor from a '90s Disney movie has responded to calls for it to be removed from streaming after being dubbed 'inappropriate'.

Between The Lion King, Tangled, Moana and so many others I won't go into now, it's safe to say Disney has released some epic and very much-loved movies over the years.

Considering some of its popular releases were made way back in the 1940s, it's no surprise that some of them contain content that wouldn't necessarily make it into a film now.

However, it might be surprising to know that a movie made in the 1990s has sparked controversy for that exact same reason.

The 1994 film Blank Check stars Brian Bonsall as an 11-year-old boy who inherits a blank check, and uses it to buy houses under different names.

It might sound like a fun, Home Alone-style comedy, but one controversial part of the plot involves the 11-year-old apparently getting into a romantic relationship with a grown woman, played by Karen Duffy.

Brian Bonsall starred in Blank Check. (Disney)
Brian Bonsall starred in Blank Check. (Disney)

Duffy, who was 31 at the time, starred as a bank teller/FBI agent, and at one point kissed Bonsall's character on the lips and told him she would go on a date with him in six years.

However, since Bonsall's character was only 11, that would still make him just 17 years old.

I'd like to think the storyline was questioned at the time too, but it's definitely something audiences are now calling out as completely inappropriate.

One person wrote: "PLEASE PLEASE remove the film, “Blank Check” from Disney+ and your brand."

"As I continue to rewatch movies from my childhood, I find myself constantly thinking, 'ohh, that wouldn't fly today'," another commented.

Another commented: "It's sooo bad, used to be one of my favorite movies when I was a kid."

Viewers have mixed thoughts on the movie. (Disney)
Viewers have mixed thoughts on the movie. (Disney)

In response to the criticism, Bonsall shared a post on Facebook in which he appeared to dismiss questions surrounding the appropriateness of the film.

He wrote: "I had an absolute blast filming this movie! Everyone was a joy to work with and it's awesome to see so many people still enjoy it!"

Some fans of the movie have sided with Bonsall, largely arguing the movie was made in a 'different time'.

One posted: "Oh for god sake, leave this film alone. Not everything needs to be reassessed through a modern lense."

Another wrote: "Stop taking our childhood away from us. It was a different time. Don't like it, don't watch it."

UNILAD has contacted Disney for comment.

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