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Dave Bautista responds to people calling for him to star in Netflix's Gears of War movie

Dave Bautista responds to people calling for him to star in Netflix's Gears of War movie

Famous actor Dave Bautista has responded to claims he should star in Netflix's Gears of War movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista has responded to people calling for him to be involved in the recently announced Gears of War movie.

Earlier this week, Netflix announced it would be teaming up with The Coalition to make the popular Xbox franchise into a film and an animated adult TV series.

Taking to Twitter, Netflix said: "Gears of War was released 16 years ago today and to mark the occasion, Netflix has partnered with The Coalition to adapt the @GearsofWar video game saga into a live action feature film, followed by an adult animated series — with the potential for more stories to follow!"

Many have called for Dave Bautista to be involved in the Gears of War movie.
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The streaming giant has not announced any details on plot, cast and potential directors involved with the project.

This has led to fans of the franchise speculating on what famous actors could take on the roles of some of their favourite characters.

One name that has come to mind for many is Dave Bautista, with the creator of the Gears of War franchise Cliff Bleszinski suggesting that Bautista would be an idea candidate to take of the role of the main protagonist Marcus Fenix.

Now, Bautista has responded to those claims, and it is fair to say he is certainly up for it.

Taking to Twitter, he posted a video of himself in the game's iconic armour with the caption "I can’t make this any easier". Watch the video below:

In the tweet, the famous actor also tagged Netflix and the official Gears of War account to make sure he was heard.

The footage of Bautista is not new though, as it is from a 2019 promo for the most recent Gears of War game - Gears 5.

Bautista featured as a playable character in that game as a playable DLC character in the game's multiplayer.

The actor is clearly pitching for the Marcus Fenix role in the Gears of War movie, and clearly sees his 2019 promo with the game as a great opportunity to do so.

Bautista has been fairly vocal about his desire to be involved in a Gears of War movie in the past and has even described it as a 'dream role'.

In an interview with GameSpot, Bautista admitted he would be very interested in taking on the role of Marcus Fenix.

David Bautista is keen on the role.
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He said: " "I've been pursuing Gears of War for years now. I believe it's in the hands of Universal Studios. And I've been knocking on their door and badgering them and they are so sick of me, phoning in and asking them where they are with that project.

"But, yes, Marcus Fenix is absolutely a dream role for me. I want that role. So, if you can start a petition…"

Featured Image Credit: @DaveBautista/Twitter

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