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Daniel Craig Was Supposed To Be In Multiverse Of Madness

Daniel Craig Was Supposed To Be In Multiverse Of Madness

Daniel Craig was supposed to be in the Multiverse of Madness as this iconic character.

Daniel Craig, the beloved James Bond actor, was supposed to be in Multiverse of Madness – and you'll never guess who he was supposed to play.

There were a fair few famous people in the latest Doctor Strange movie, it was called Multiverse of Madness, after all.

One cameo that didn't take place, however, was Craig's, and wait until you hear who he would've been playing.

According to journalist Justin Kroll, Craig was set to play a pretty iconic comic book role.

It also started when a Marvel fan account said that: "During a lie detector test, Elizabeth Olsen claimed that she has "never met" John Krasinski: "I don’t know him..."

Now, this will confuse fans of the franchise, because Olsen, who plays lead villain Wanda Maximoff, was co-starring with Krasinski, who landed the role of Mr. Fantastic.

So, it seems pretty crazy for the pair to have not met, right?

However, another fan went on to say that it's actually pretty likely: "I believe it! #MultiverseOfMadness writer Michael Waldron confirmed to us that most of the Illuminati scene was shot in pieces since all of the actors’ schedules didn’t align with one another. Captain Carter and Captain Marvel were there together but that’s all we know for sure."

While that cleared up questions surrounding whether Olsen and Krasinski had met, the real revelation came when journalist Justin Kroll weighed in on the thread.

He said: "Fun fact, Krasinski wasn’t the first choice, the actor originally set to play the role was all set to shoot but when there was an uptick in COVID cases, he backed out as he was living in London and didn’t think the quick shoot wasn’t worth risk of bringing back COVID to the fam."

This was followed by a picture of Craig, dressed as Bond, staring intently.

So, it doesn't seem unreasonable to suggest that Craig was up for the role of Mr. Fantastic, and while we're sure he would've done a great job, we love Krasinski in the role.

Still, people were quick to question that revelation, asking how Craig managed to film Knives Out, which was shooting around the same time.

Kroll said: "For those asking about why he was able to shoot KNIVES, that was months of shooting and if he got COVID, he would be the only one infected. STRANGE was maybe a day of shooting and worry was he could head back home and not know he had it and give to daughter who was 2 at the time."

So, there you have it, 007 was nearly part of the Multiverse of Madness.

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Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Marvel

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