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Cocaine Bear fans react to new horror film Crackcoon after gruesome trailer drops

Cocaine Bear fans react to new horror film Crackcoon after gruesome trailer drops

As a trailer drops for Crackcoon, Cocaine Bear fans are already pointing out the similarities.

If you are a bit of a horror film fanatic, you'll have almost certainly watched Cocaine Bear earlier this year.

The Elizabeth Banks directed film even made national headlines when it released in February thanks to its unbelievable true story.

While Cocaine Bear tells a bunch of side stories that could make its own individual films, it ultimately gets to the point where a bear ends up taking a load of cocaine - as you'd expect from the name.

The film was reviewed pretty well by critics, and is unsurprisingly labelled as the most bizarre film of 2023 so far. So surely, with a name like Cocaine Bear, that 'bizarre' title cannot be handed over to another film on its way soon... right?

Well, you say that - but a new film being teased on social media looks to be just as bizarre as Cocaine Bear - which is quite frankly insane.

The film in question is Crackcoon - yeah, you read that correctly. Check it out:

The Brad Twigg-directed project tells the story of a small town that is left in constant fear after they unearth a flesh-eating raccoon.

An official synopsis for the films reads: "When a synthetically-altered street drug is discarded in the woods by a drug dealer during a car chase with police, the fallout proves nothing less than horrific when an innocent raccoon eats it, transforming it into a nightmarish killing machine straight from the bowels of hell.

"With unsuspecting campers, tourists, and residents of a mountain community all in close proximity to the epicenter, no one is safe from the monster's unrelenting rampage."

Pretty intense, huh?

Crackcoon is bringing real Cocaine Bear vibes.
Fuzzy Monkey Films

Many Cocaine Bear fans have flocked to social media following a recently released trailer for Crackcoon, with many pointing out the similarities between the two.

"They really made a CCU (Cocaine Cinematic Universe)," one person simply wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, a second suggested a crossover between the pair: "Can’t wait for ‘cocaine bear vs crackcoon: dealers’ choice’ to come out."

And a third added: "Does this look terrible? YES. Am I going to waste part of my life watching this? HELL YES."

As per social media posts from the studio beind Crackcoon - Fuzzy Monkey Films - it is set to be distributed worldwide towards the end of 2023.

There's no denying that 2023 really is a pretty wild year for film, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures / Fuzzy Monkey Films

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