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Sesame Street fans shocked after finding out the Cookie Monster's real name

Sesame Street fans shocked after finding out the Cookie Monster's real name

The Cookie Monster from Sesame Street has a real name you may have never known about

Sesame Street fans are shocked after finding out the real name of their blue furry favourite, the Cookie Monster... and no, it’s not ‘Cookie’, smartass.  

After making his debut on the Jim Henson children’s TV series in the 1960s, the googly-eyed monster has become well-known for his obsession with cookies, which he often throws into his mouth by the bucketload at break-neck speed, as crumbs fling out from every angle. When he’s chowing down, the passion truly is palpable. 

But while his love for baked goods is evident, little is known about the Cookie Monster’s back story – other than, perhaps, the fact he never got taught the fundamentals of grammar at school, often using ‘me’ in place of ‘I’, ‘My’ and ‘Mine’. 

But now the character has offered up some surprising intel about his personal life, revealing that he has a real name that many may not know about. 

On his official Twitter account, where he has more than 600,000 loyal followers, the manic cookie muncher said: “Did you know me name is Sid? But me still like to be called Cookie Monster.” 

The tweet has racked up thousands of retweets and likes, suggesting the news was a surprise to many. 

You'll never find a bigger cookie lover.

“I’ll never look at my childhood the same again now,” one person commented. 

Someone else said: “I've known you for 45 years and am just learning this today. This is amazing.” 

A third added: “Going to need to see several forms of government ID before I can digest this news, Cookie.” 

A fourth wrote: “My whole life is a lie I can’t breathe,” while another said: "I am sorry--I grew up with Cookie Monster. There will be no name changes. Nomming cookies isn't the same with Sid."

One person suggested that if his parents had known about his love of cookies before he was born, they should have ‘named him Chip’, while another pointed out that Kermit ‘has always used Cookie’ as his mate’s first name, saying accusingly: “Are you telling me Kermit lied?” 

The Cookie Monster in ‘The First Time Me Eat Cookie’.

However, some of the bigger fans pointed out that this was, in fact, not exactly brand new information, pointing out that he’d previously revealed his real name in a 2004 episode of Sesame Street. 

In a song titled ‘The First Time Me Eat Cookie’, the character explained: “In fact, back then, me think me name was Sid." 

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