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‘Scariest cartoon ever’ aimed at children wasn’t supposed to be a horror

‘Scariest cartoon ever’ aimed at children wasn’t supposed to be a horror

A 1936 show has been dubbed as the 'scariest cartoon ever' despite being made for children.

A 88-year-old cartoon aimed at children that has been dubbed the 'scariest cartoon ever' was never meant to be a horror.

If you like to kick back and relax watching small children screaming and crying over their shattered dreams, then this one's essential viewing.

You can watch a horrifying clip below:

People have been sharing their horror at the cartoon over X, with one user writing: "This cartoon hurt to watch as a kid. It hurts even more to watch as an adult."

A second added: "Everything gives off bad vibes, from the rubber hose animation, to the creepy toys the old guy makes to the weirdly live action spinning Christmas tree at the end."

A third said: "This used to make me CRY at the beginning."

Christmas Comes But Once a Year released in 1936.
Paramount Pictures

Christmas Comes But Once a Year was released way back in 1936, just a few weeks before the big day.

Produced by Fleischer Studios and released by Paramount Pictures, the short cartoon follows Professor Grampy, a character from the then popular Betty Boop series.

The cartoon immediately sets a spooky feel as it follows children living in an orphanage just before the festive season kicks into full swing.

While it may be aimed at children, events turn even more traumatising as the kids begin to open their presents.

But the old toys fall apart in gruesome ways, such as the stuffing falling out of a teddy bears, and a tricycle suddenly falling apart.

The stuff of nightmares, really.

Without spoiling it too much for those still hoping to watch, Grampy is able to save the day for all the children.

Though many viewers were truly freaked out by the haunting tale, others had fond memories of watching it as a child.

Viewers have been left spooked by the cartoon.
Paramount Pictures

One wrote: "Oh. My. Childhood!!! I watched this when I was little and haven’t seen it in forever! I honestly forgot most of it except a scene or two. I have searched for a long time and instantly remembered it when it started playing. Love it."

Another said: "If you want to watch the greatest Christmas cartoon of all time it’s called Christmas Comes but Once a Year and it makes me cry."

A third wrote: "I would always watch this as a child, and I plan to show it to my kids when I have them."

While a fourth said: "Man, I’ve been thinking about this cartoon for a while now, I remember watching this all the time my word my childhood - this cartoon and a few others were always my favorite to watch on Christmas, it’s so nice to watch it again."

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

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