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Benedict Cumberbatch hints at Doctor Strange return as filming begins next year

Benedict Cumberbatch hints at Doctor Strange return as filming begins next year

He'll be in front of a camera again soon as the master of the mystic arts

Benedict Cumberbatch has lifted the lid on when he'll be back in the robes and cloak of Doctor Stephen Strange, and it's pretty soon.

It's a time of slight turmoil for Marvel fans, as they're in-between the big tentpole of Avengers movies and the shape of the next few phases in the MCU is still forming.

Quite a lot of the MCU's major characters have moved on in recent years, but new heroes have stepped in to replace them so the wheel of content never stops spinning.

One of the biggest stars in the MCU who's character isn't dead or otherwise retired is Benedict Cumberbatch, who has appeared in the Doctor Strange films as well as showing up in a couple of Avengers flicks and other Marvel movies to help out.

Last time we saw Cumberbatch in the role was only last year, with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but appreciators of the man himself (of which there are many) will be glad to know he should be back pretty soon.

According to The Direct, Cumberbatch has said he's going to be back in costume in 2024 to film some scenes for an upcoming Marvel project.

He's going to be back filming scenes as Doctor Strange next year.
Noam Galai/Getty Images for Disney

He explained that there were 'some Marvel capers in the making next year' which he would be part of and it's exciting to wonder exactly what those capers might be.

We know for sure that Doctor Strange is pencilled in for 2027 film Avengers: Secret Wars but that's a way away and certain developments might hold up production.

There's plenty of other projects he could be working on which are set to release much sooner, with the MCU showing no signs of stopping any time soon.

It sounds like Cumberbatch will be filming scenes for other projects in the MCU rather than a third Doctor Strange movie, though he has said he'd 'love to do another one' and thought there was plenty more to explore with the character.

Benedict Cumberbatch would like to do another Doctor Strange movie, and will have scenes in other Marvel projects.

By the way, did you know that we were this close to calling him 'Ben Carlton'?

The actor once revealed that he'd considered changing his name by shortening 'Benedict' to 'Ben' and using one of his middle names as his surname.

His full name is Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch but luckily for everyone his agent talked him out of the change, pointing out that having a really distinctive name is quite the advantage in show business.

Plus it makes it easier for his fan groups to call themselves things like 'Cumberb***hes', Carlton would be a much trickier name for fan groups to play with.

Featured Image Credit: Noam Galai / Getty Images for Disney / Marvel

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