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Ben Affleck receives massive standing ovation for new movie Air
Featured Image Credit: Amazon Studios

Ben Affleck receives massive standing ovation for new movie Air

It seems like people are enjoying the new movie that Ben Affleck directed and starred in

Ben Affleck has received a massive standing ovation for his movie Air, which he has both starred in and directed.

Some people think it's pretty weird to clap at the end of a movie, since the people who put all the effort into making it can't hear you, and you're pretty much just applauding at a screen.

It's a little bit different when the people who actually did make the movie are in there with you, but there were plenty of other reasons for the crowd at the SXSW Film & TV Festival in Austin, Texas to cheer.

They seemed plenty enthused about Affleck's new Amazon Studios movie Air, which follows the story of the creation of the first Air Jordan sneaker and the tale behind one of the most famous pairs of shoes ever created.

Air was cheered by the audience throughout the screening of the movie and received 'perhaps the longest standing ovation at the fest', so you'd hope it'll be one to watch when the rest of us get a chance to see it.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in Air.
Amazon Studios

Affleck spoke about the movie and why he felt the need to direct a film about a pair of shoes, because Air is really about much more than just a simple pair of shoes.

He said: "It’s the inception of the whole idea of sneaker culture.

"The first time there was ever even a notion that a shoe would represent someone’s identity and have meaning, and then it would be a work of art."

There was particular applause whenever Viola Davis was on screen, and an audience member shouted at her that her 'outfit is eating', which Affleck said was 'well-deserved' praise even if he'd never been told that about his choices in fashion.

Davis plays Deloris, the mother of basketball legend Michael Jordan, as she and husband James Jordan Sr. (Julius Tennon) are convinced to agree to their son signing a deal with Nike, which would go on to create the Air Jordans.

Davis also got the official nod from Michael Jordan himself to play his mother, as she was the only person he wanted in the role.

As for Affleck, he plays Nike CEO Phil Knight, while longstanding collaborator Matt Damon is in the movie as marketing mogul Sonny Vaccaro.

Damon said: "It was the greatest job I’ve ever had. I’ve never had more fun. Ben and I, from the moment we read [Alex Convery’s] script to the last cut we made at the edit, it was absolute joy.

"This has been the best experience of my life. By the way, you go to work with Viola Davis in the morning on a five-page scene, and at 10:30 you’re done, it’s the best thing you’ve done in your career, and you’re an hour out of lunch, so you’re like, 'Well, I guess we should keep working!'"

Affleck said he showed Air to Phil Knight and part-way through the movie feared he might have made a 'giant mistake', but managed to win over the Nike co-founder with his performance.

Air is set to be released in US theatres on 5 April.

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