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Australian OnlyFans model sparks fury with massive billboard in family suburb to spruik XXX videos

Australian OnlyFans model sparks fury with massive billboard in family suburb to spruik XXX videos

An adult star Down Under has caused quite a stir, advertising her wares in public for all to see.

An OnlyFans model has sparked a furore in the suburbs of the Australian suburb of Osborne Park in Perth in the nation's west.

The XXX content creator made a clever yet risky move to promote herself and ethical porn she sells by way of a massive billboard in the middle of a Perth town.

Parents of local kids are not impressed.

One parent told 7NEWS that they 'think it’s quite inappropriate'.

"[It's] actually because it’s a family area and it’s an over 18 adult site, and I don’t think children should be able to see that," they said.

Another dubbed it 'insane'.

Savannah, also known by her social media handle WC Savage, can be seen on the massive advertisement wearing a bikini with no 'naughty bits' visible.

The adult star told Perth radio show 6PR Breakfast the public outcry didn't bother her at all as it is no more saucy than plenty of other advertisements out there.

“To be honest, young children will see that billboard and see a picture of a woman in a bikini; they won’t know any better,” she said.

But parents still want the sign gone as the massive ad features a QR code that directs users to her 18+ profile.

Locals fear youths in the surrounding area who aren't old enough to access such content will use her billboard to do so anyway.

Savannah is refusing to take it down despite concerns.

The adult entertainer rounded on parents with some brutal choice words.

She told "If young teenagers are scanning this QR code, then there should be parental blocks in place placed by their parents on their iPhones, tablets and computers and things like that, to stop them from being able to access sites like this and other sites that do create explicit content,” the porn star said.

She also told PerthNow: "If your kids know what OnlyFans is then that’s on you guys not on me."

"If anybody of any age wants to see something they’ll find it and I can’t control that."


Local mayor Mark Irwin told 7NEWS locals were welcome to file complaints with the city so he and his fellow councilors could take action.

He added that the content and editorial control of what is displayed on the billboard is a decision made by a private entity' and not local government.

Local businesses said they’re already writing to the council to complain.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/WCSAVAGE1. 7News.

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