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Ashton Kutcher reacts to making 'same movie in same year' as wife Mila Kunis

Ashton Kutcher reacts to making 'same movie in same year' as wife Mila Kunis

2011 was the year of Friends with Benefits (starring Timberlake and Kunis) and No Strings Attached (Kutcher and Portman).

Ashton Kutcher has opened up about his wife Mila Kunis making the 'exact same' movie as him.

2011 was the year of two very similar rom coms - Friends with Benefits (starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis) and No Strings Attached (Kutcher and Natalie Portman).

Friends with Benefits follows Jamie (Kunis), a New York-based headhunter, who gets Dylan (Timberlake) to take a job at GQ.

They soon become friends, but things get very complicated after they decide to add sex to their relationship.

No Strings Attached is practically the same storyline, as lifelong friends Emma (Portman) and Adam (Kutcher) take their friendship to the next level by - guess what - having sex. Then things get very complicated, obviously.

Natalie Portman has also admitted how 'totally weird' it was that she and Ashton Kutcher made the 'exact same movie' as Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake.
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Appearing on the Chicks in the Office podcast earlier this year, Kutcher, 45, confessed that not only were the two movies exactly the same, but the plot actually played out in real life between himself and Kunis.

He said: "Here's the thing, not only did we do the same movie, we then lived the narrative of the movie in real life.

"Like that's what's really messed up about it, right?

"It's like first of all I didn't know about - well I kind of - while we were shooting our movie, I heard about the other movie.

"But the crazy thing was like we started hanging out, and we kind of went into almost the exact agreement that is in both of those films. It was like 'look we're gonna hang out with and we'll let each other know if like you know there's (no strings attached).

"We're gonna let each other know if like feelings develop or what, and the whole thing played out like the damn movie and I'm like 'this is great' and then now that's our real life."

In 2015, Kutcher and Kunis tied the knot in real life, after previously having had an on-screen relationship in That 70's Show.

Awkwardly, Kutcher claims that the pair have never watched each other's 2011 film.

I mean why watch the movie when you've lived it?

Friends with Benefits was also very similar plot-wise.
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Co-star Portman also had her say on the situation in a video interview with GQ - where the actor went 'undercover' on social media.

A fan wrote in on X (Twitter): "Does anyone else ever think about how weird it is that Ashton Kutcher who is married to Mila Kunis did No Strings Attached with Natalie Portman the same year Mila Kunis did Friends With Benefits with Justin Timberlake?

"The movies had the same basic premise. How is it not weird?"

To which the 41-year-old actor replied: "It's weird. It's totally weird. Correct."

At least they aren't denying it.

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