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Arnold Schwarzenegger Recalls Time Danny DeVito Got Him High As A 'Prank'

Arnold Schwarzenegger Recalls Time Danny DeVito Got Him High As A 'Prank'

Schwarzenegger was left 'stoned out of his mind' working with DeVito on Junior.

Arnold Schwarzenegger once said he ate green berets for breakfast. When he was working with Danny DeVito, he ended up having something else green as a 'prank'.

The Terminator legend famously worked with DeVito on Twins and Junior, the former starring the pair as titular inexplicable brothers who were separated at birth, the latter featuring Schwarzenegger as a man who becomes pregnant to sell a drug that will help women conceive a baby.

During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Schwarzenegger chatted about his working relationship with DeVito — whom he's reuniting with for Triplets, also starring Tracy Morgan — and one incident that left him feeling... elated, let's say.

Citing DeVito's reputation as a prankster, Schwarzenegger said, 'So am I. So we all do these little things that you always do in a movie. But there was one time when I was shooting Junior I remember and it was lunch break. Danny says to me, ‘Come to my trailer, I cook some good Italian food’. So I said ‘Okay’, we went to the trailer, we ate the Italian food, it was delicious — the pasta and all this stuff that he had.'

After lunch, DeVito offered him a cigar. 'I put it in my mouth and light it up and I’m smoking it and it was fantastic,' Schwarzenegger recalled.

'We get to the set and continue on with the scene. I’ve forgot my lines. I’m standing in front of the camera, it’s a close-up of me, Danny’s behind the camera. The director says, ‘Action’ and I said, ‘Um… what am I supposed to say?’. ‘Well, we continue on with the scene, Arnold, that we filmed before lunch. Remember the scene where you and Danny were talking about going out and you’re now pregnant and all of these kind of things?

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in Junior. (Universal Pictures)
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in Junior. (Universal Pictures)

'I said, ‘No I don’t remember, what did we before lunch?’ I had to go to the script supervisor to check out the script – I totally forgot everything. [I] find out an hour-and-a-half later when I finally start remembering things again that Danny put some marijuana in the front of the cigar. I was stoned out of my mind.'

Schwarzenegger tried to get his revenge in a later prank, but DeVito has a 'nose for marijuana... I gave him the cigar and he says, ‘Ah, there’s some grass in it’ so it didn’t work.'

You can watch the full interview with Schwarzenegger here.

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