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Anne Hathaway Caused Jared Leto To Break 'Intense' Method Acting In Bizarre Moment

Anne Hathaway Caused Jared Leto To Break 'Intense' Method Acting In Bizarre Moment

Hathaway said that while she “respected” her colleague's artistic approach, she couldn’t help but crack a joke about one of his other films

Anne Hathaway has admitted she caused co-star Jared Leto to break his ‘intense’ method acting while on the set of their latest series WeCrashed. 

In the new Apple TV+ drama, the two actors star as WeWork co-founders Adam and Rebekah Neumann, who managed to grow their idea from a single co-working space into a global brand worth $47 billion – only to find its value drop by $40 billion in less than a year.  

During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert earlier this week, Hathaway said Leto stayed in character for the duration of the shoot, recalling how she “respected” his artistic approach but couldn’t help but crack a joke about one of his other films, in turn making him crack up. 

She said: ‘I really respect Jared's process, and I had a wonderful time working with whoever that was, and we really created the most beautiful connection between us. [But] the day the House of Gucci trailer came out, I mean, I had to do something. I couldn't just let it be.’ 

Hathaway remembered how it had been an “intense” day on set when she decided to say goodbye to Leto in an amusing way as a nod to his role in House of Gucci – reenacting a moment in a promo clip where Lady Gaga makes the sign of the cross. 

Apple TV+

‘[I said], “Just one more thing,” and I go, “Father, Son, House of Gucci,” because you have to!’ she explained adding that Leto ‘split into three’ with laughter. 

‘I didn't know what would happen because he's so intense in his commitment to his process, but I swear to God he split into three. It was like a Horcrux: over here was Jared, over here was Paolo Gucci, and here was Adam Neumann... He came back in and I was like, “Oh dear,” and he was like, “Woah, I think I just time-travelled!”’ 

Jared Leto as Paolo Gucci in House of Gucci.
Universal Pictures

Ahead of the show’s premiere, 50-year-old Leto opened up about the acting process in WeCrashed, saying his role proved to be quite the challenge. 

Speaking to Emmy magazine, he said: ‘It was a pretty transformational role. It was really challenging. There was, of course, an accent, prosthetics. I had different colored eyes, I had different teeth, I had different hair, [a] different way of talking, of walking, of moving, of laughing.’ 

While he said the role was a “big commitment”, Leto added that he ‘loved every single second of it”, saying: ‘It was great.'

Hathaway, 39, said she started doing yoga every day as her character was 'conscious of her health', meaning she felt she had to follow suit. 

‘And then, when the [limited series] stopped, I did not stop,’ the star said. 

‘I love it. I have an unbelievable yoga teacher now and it's become a part of my life.’ 

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