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First clip from new Amy Winehouse film has everyone saying the same thing about the actor's voice
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@backtoblackfilm / Daniel Boczarski/Redferns

First clip from new Amy Winehouse film has everyone saying the same thing about the actor's voice

A snippet of the upcoming Amy Winehouse biopic on TikTok has music fans all saying the same thing.

The upcoming biopic film about Amy Winehouse, Back to Black, has got social media users all saying the same thing after seeing a snippet.

For a generation, Amy Winehouse became a musical icon. Plain and simple.

So, her death at the age of 27 in 2011 was a massive blow to her fans who wanted to see the star grow into one of the world’s biggest artists.

While there has already been a documentary about the singer in 2015, Amy, fans were curious when it was announced that she would be getting a biopic in 2024.

However, many fans remain apprehensive about the upcoming film. The TikTok page, BacktoBlackfilm, shared a brief clip from the flick and it certainly divided fans.

The clip shows snippets of Marisa Abela, who plays Winehouse, singing some of her work during scenes in the film.

The footage was captioned, “From Camden to global superstar. See the exclusive clip from Back to Black, starring Marisa Abela. In cinemas April 12th.”

While it can be difficult to capture the essence of an individual in a biopic, after hearing snippets of Abela singing the iconic songs, many social media users have been saying the same thing.

For a generation, Amy Winehouse became a musical icon.

That she fails to do the artists’ voice justice, and the team behind the film should have opted to have Abela play the role of Amy but play the real Winehouse’s songs in scenes.

“Why you would you guys not use Amy’s voice though. It’s like you want this biopic to fail,” one user wrote.

“Imagine kids from this generation thinking this is what Amy Winehouse sounds like. This doesn’t show her talent which is the whole purpose of this movie right? Kinda disrespect,” another wrote.

“They’re not using Amy’s actual voice and that’s acc killing me,” another chimed in.

“What have they done to her , absolute insult to her legacy as one of the greatest musicians of our generation,” a fourth commented.

Fans were particularly critical after hearing Marisa Abela sing during the biopic.

“This is actually worse than I imagined it … feels like a parody. absolutely no grit to her voice either,” another user added.

“This is going to be a dumpster fire what is that voice. Amy’s rolling in her grave,” a very disappointed fan commented.”

Other fans commented that other singers should have played the role of Amy. Some suggested Lauren Jauregui, while others said Raye.

Only time will tell if the performance and singing is better received when the film releases in April.

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