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Adam Sandler Hilariously Celebrated His Wife's Grandma's 106th Birthday

Adam Sandler Hilariously Celebrated His Wife's Grandma's 106th Birthday

The comedian had a little too much fun

Comedian Adam Sandler is known for his one liners and hilarious delivery as his many characters in films, and he's shown he's just as funny in real life.

The 55-year-old appeared on Jimmy Fallon's chat show to discuss his upcoming film Hustle, which focuses on a basketball scout who discovers a phenomenal street ball player while in Spain and sees the talented youngster as his opportunity to get back into the NBA.

Hustle recently broke a record for the iconic actor, but that's not the only milestone he was celebrating recently.

Watch the video here:

While discussing the film and updates in his life, Sandler also revealed he'd helped his wife and in-laws celebrate a very special milestone birthday. As Sandler's wife's grandmother turned 106, Sandler was there to lay it on thick with the jokes.

He explained: "She's a beautiful, funny, nice lady, always in a good mood, and just a good, good lady and I love her and the whole family loves her... she's pointing at me in that picture saying, 'You'll never live this long'."

"I bought her a cake and put 106 candles on it. And just to make it fun, the candles were the Gwyneth Paltrow vagina candles... so you know the 'smell like vagina' candles?" joked Sandler.

Adam Sandler joked with host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

"So we put them on the cake. And so, Grandma blows very hard and a lot of smoke in the room... cause she just put a lot of pizazz into the blow to get all 106 candles vagina candles out and then everyone in the room was pregnant."

Host Jimmy Fallon could barely contain his laughter at the jokes, as the audience were left in stitches too.

The pair continued to chat and joke as they discussed new movie Hustle, which Sandler stars in.

The pair had also discussed why Sandler was sporting a black eye and cuts on the left side of his face. Apparently nothing to worry about, Sandler explained: "I had an accident, everybody. Everything’s alright, but I wish it was a good story, but it’s pathetic.

Sandler had recently celebrated his wife's grandma's 106th birthday.

"What happened was, I’m in my bed. It’s four in the morning, and somebody made the bed. You know when they make the bed and they tuck in the bottom part of the bed? I forgot to untuck it.

"I’m thinking, 'why is it so uncomfortable?' I’m squished and I have my phone next to me in the bed.

"I always check out my net worth before I go to sleep," he joked.

"I started getting panicky and I kicked my legs. And then, voom, the phone flies in the air and hits me in the face." Ouch.

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