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Woman lives so remotely she has to fly to the grocery store
Featured Image Credit: @salinaalsworth_ak/TikTok

Woman lives so remotely she has to fly to the grocery store

Salina comes from a town of just 200 people

Ever dreaded a slightly lengthy walk to the supermarket? If so, just be thankful you don't have to hop on a plane to do your weekly food shop.

Obviously this is a pretty rare scenario, but not for 25-year-old Salina Alsworth.

The TikToker is from Port Alsworth, Alaska, which has a population of about 200 residents and uses air taxis - otherwise known as planes - to help connect those living there to the wider world.

Alsworth has gained thousands of followers by sharing insights into her unique life, which involves getting her mail from an aeroplane and travelling more than 160 miles just to go food shopping.

Obviously this trip isn't something she can do on a whim, and instead 'takes a lot of planning' - much more than the average shopping list.

In an article for Insider, Alsworth explained that it takes one hour to fly from Port Alsworth to Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska, so she goes every few months to stock up on everything she needs to live off.

Given that shopping isn't a common occurrence in her life, Alsworth admitted the trips can be 'a little overwhelming', but for the most part she looks for 'good deals and staples'.

She did admit, however, that 'plenty of items find their way into [her] cart as fun treats or new adventures to sample'. We all love an impulse buy, after all.

Alsworth can spend hundreds on her food shop.

A lot of produce has to be shipped in to Alaska as the state doesn't have the best conditions in winter for growing fresh fruit, so something as small as a carton of raspberries can set Alsworth back $4 or $5 (£3/£4).

She also has to take into account the fact that getting her shopping back home could take a while, especially if the weather is bad, so she relies more on items that won't spoil quickly.

"With that in mind, I try to plan meals that will allow me to use perishable ingredients while they're fresh. I also keep in mind recipes that'll allow me to use produce that arrives to me overripe," she explains.

Alsworth has to pay up to $2.50 (£2) per pound to transport her shopping home, and she has to be careful to wrap up any items that might get damaged on the journey.

It might sound like a lot of effort, but Alsworth has assured her TikTok followers she 'loves' the town, explaining: "It forever has my heart."

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