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Woman, 23, hits back at criticism for age gap relationship with fiancé who's ‘old enough to be her dad’

Woman, 23, hits back at criticism for age gap relationship with fiancé who's ‘old enough to be her dad’

Amira Rajab hits back at trolls who dislike her age-gap relationship

Relationships can be hard especially under stressful circumstances or public shaming.

Though, when does a relationship become a spectacle for other people to comment on?

There have been many famous relationships over the years for which people have gladly thrown in their opinions over (think Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford).

And one young woman has found herself at the centre of criticism online after it was revealed that she was in a relationship with a large age gap.

Amira Rajab, 23, is dating her boyfriend Bryce Wood, who is 44.

And she is not happy with people telling her that her boyfriend is ‘old enough to be her dad’ - with some comments telling her that Wood is ‘twice her age’.

The pair met a couple of years ago and decided to get engaged in July of last year when Rajab was only 21.

The pair met years ago without knowing each other's ages.
Instagram/ @amira_rajab

After so much online speculation surrounding the dynamics of their relationship due to the large age gap, now Rajab has come out to claim that she’s the ‘mature one’ and that they met ‘organically’.

The bodybuilder and influencer opened up on social media about being with someone so much older - but it’s opened the door to a lot of criticism from people believing that something isn’t right and that she’s being taken advantage of.

Rajab admitted that people think her love with Wood is ‘messed up’ and do not agree with her choice to marry someone twice her age.

But she wants you to know that she doesn’t actually care.

When someone asked her why her beau was ‘looking for someone so young’, she immediately shut them down by saying: “He wasn’t.”

She continued to explain: “Neither of us knew each other’s age when we met organically.”

But the commenters weren’t done there.

Rajab has defended her age-gap relationship.
Instagram/ @amira_rajab

One person wrote under a video of Rajab and Wood: “I always think ‘awww’ but then think what’s wrong that he can’t find someone his own age?

“There’s always some kind of red flag with older men, trust me.”

While another person commented: “Remember that divorce is expensive.”

The pair, who live in Chicago are both in the professional fitness game, working on their health and physique.

Rajab frequents bodybuilding competitions and earns money through promoting fitness brands while her fiancé works as a ‘body transformation coach’.

In an Instagram post, she beamed about a recent competition, saying: “I’m so proud of the work that both of us put in these past few months.”

“I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us, but for now we celebrate and enjoy each other’s victories.

“I love you, Bryce.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@Amira_Rajab

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