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Woman Catches Rare 'Rainbow Lighting' In Incredible Photo

Woman Catches Rare 'Rainbow Lighting' In Incredible Photo

The photographer caught a dramatic weather event that left social media buzzing.

A woman has shared a stunning image of a rare 'lightning rainbow' - a photo that shows both a rainbow and lightning.

Sue Byrne captured a photo of what appears to show lightning striking the iconic Don CeSar hotel in St. Pete Beach, FL.

A photo of lightning looks dramatic enough as it is, but even more incredible was that there was also a clear shot of a rainbow in the photo too.

According to the New York Post, Byrne was taking photos earlier this month on 5 July when she snapped the the mad looking combo of the rainbow while lightning was striking from Upham Beach, looking over to St Pete Beach.

The photo was taken looking at St. Pete's Beach in Florida.
Sue Byrne/Facebook

If you look carefully, you can also see sun rays shining through from the left, making for a photo that really does have a lot of weather going on within it.

The photo has gone viral on social media, with the public amazed by the striking shot. 

"Crazy Perfect Timing!!!” wrote one person while another said: “That is beautiful!”

A FOX meteorologist, Brooks Garner, explained how this type of weather phenomena happens. 

“It was sunset, there’s a storm in the background," he said to the Post.

"A little bit of rain rolling down catching those last rays producing a half rainbow and of course, lightning hitting the tallest thing on the beach.”

Things were a little different recently at the other end of the country, as the sky above Sioux Falls in South Dakota turned bright green during intense storms that left thousands without power.

Residents in the city experienced the bizarre phenomenon on 5 July, shortly before thunderstorms hit the area.

Isaac Longley, a meteorologist at AccuWeather, told the Daily Mail: “While it is relatively common to see these green skies, especially in the Plains, the skies associated with the severe storms that pushed through Sioux Falls during the afternoon of July 5th appeared even greener than normal."

They added: “This of course caught the attention of many who had never seen skies so green.

“In this particular case, the green skies lasted for around 10-20 minutes as the storms approached the city of Sioux Falls.”

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Featured Image Credit: Sue Byrne/Facebook

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