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Waitress saves $5,665 in coins to pay for daughter’s graduation trip

Waitress saves $5,665 in coins to pay for daughter’s graduation trip

The waitress saved the massive amount of money over a decade for her daughter's graduation trip.

I think all parents would like to treat their offspring to a nice gift after graduating from all their studies.

It is a pretty big deal, right? But unfortunately a lot of parents do not have the finances to be able to treat their children to a nice luxurious gift once all them dreaded studies are over.

However, one mum had the genius idea to start saving for her daughter's graduation very early on in her life - and it certainly paid off!

Cari Mae Bulthuis started planning for daughter Violet Cayton's graduation celebrations when her only child was just four.

In the years since, the mum collected more than $5,000 in dimes that have been scooped up over an incredible decade.

The idea first came to Bulthuis some 13 years ago when she saw an article about Hawaii with the phrase 'Paradise for Pennies'.

Cari Mae Bulthuis saved a whopping amount for her daughter's graduation trip.
NBC Los Angeles

"It had this beautiful picture of the palm tree and the ocean," Bulthuis told NBC Los Angeles.

"I crossed it out and put 'Dimes.'"

The mum said she gathered most of her loose change from tips at her job at Abby's Cafe in the Riverside County community of Hemet in Los Angeles.

Bulthuis continued: "At the end of the shift, I would sometimes trade out a dollar for dimes so I could add to the collection.

"A lot of customers would leave me handfuls of dimes for the collection.

"I did every single shift for my girl. It's what we do as a parent. You just want to be able to give to them."

While it started as a very small amount, a steady stream of dimes built up, eventually leading to a large sum of money.

Bulthuis father, Cayton's grandfather, kept the money safe all this time.

NBC also spoke to Bulthuis colleague, Katie Bertram, who said: "Her daughter is her only child and going to college, and it's a nice way to send your kid off to college."

The grand total amassed over the years was $5,665, with Cayton awarded with it after she graduated from West Valley High School in May.

The collection of dimes was massive come the graduation.
NBC Los Angeles

"That's an intense amount," Cayton said. "Even her stories about the hostesses not believing, I always thought of Hawaii as this really expensive land and it is.

"I'm very grateful. I love my mom so much."

Cayton has since headed to the Island of Oahu in Hawaii with the money collected.

Cayton left school with an impressive set of accolades, including several honours such as Student Athlete of the Year and prom queen.

Featured Image Credit: NBC4 News

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