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Woman leaves people speechless after sharing insane amount of cheese her husband eats
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@traceywinter1

Woman leaves people speechless after sharing insane amount of cheese her husband eats

Surely it's too gouda to be true?

If there's one thing we've learned in the last few years, it's that people can get famous for just about anything on the internet.

But while social media is laden with people trying to gain followers for their makeup routines or fitness plans, one man has made a name for himself for the most unlikely reason.

Thanks to his wife, TikToker Tracey King, Mark King has found internet fame for the sheer volume of cheese he eats every single week, and it's brie-ly nice to see him recognized for his achievements.

Mark King and his cheese.

Posting on her account @traceywinter1, Tracey, who has aptly nicknamed her account 'Keeping Up With the Kings', regularly shares clips of her hubby chomping down on huge amounts of cheese, often biting straight into a big block.

In a recent video, Tracey shared a video of gardener Mark sitting down at a table in a UK grocery store, munching on a block of cheese, telling her followers she 'can't take him anywhere'.

In the text emblazoned across the TikTok, she wrote: "He said the cheese is why he doesn't get bugs." Surely that's too gouda too be true?

The 'Cheese King' seems to be in 'grate' shape.

Nevertheless, the 55-year-old 'Cheese King' seems to be in 'grate' shape despite reportedly eating almost 13lbs worth of the dairy product every single week.

Understandably, the people of the internet have been left slightly baffled with Mark's eating habits, with Tracey's 281,000 followers often sharing their confusion and amusement in the comments section of the videos.

"Is this real surely someone cannot just eat cheese like this," one baffled TikToker commented, while another added: "Love the way he is sat there eating it like it’s a chocolate bar."

One of Tracey's TikToks was recently shared to X, formerly Twitter, where even more people were left gobsmacked over the volume of cheese being consumed.

One wrote: "Obsessed with this person on TikTok whose content is solely based around her husband consuming unholy amounts of cheese and being completely unrepentant about it."

Another user responded: "He’s in fine shape for an older man. The fat and protein are working. Eat the cheese."

"If I could eat that amount of cheese without s**tting myself I totally would, good for him," someone else added, while a final user commented: "Bro’s having the most magnificent dreams."

It might sound cheesy but it's true what they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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