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Woman defends sleeping in coffin as she can 'hide away' from all her problems

Woman defends sleeping in coffin as she can 'hide away' from all her problems

There's deep sleeping, and then there's sleeping like an actual dead person...

We've all heard the expression of being 'dead to the world' after a particularly deep night's sleep, but one girl may have taken that saying a little too far... by actually sleeping like a dead person. See for yourself below:

A self-confessed 'vampire' influencer, who goes by the name Sad Spice on social media, has taken her love of all things Dracula to the next level by sleeping in a real coffin.

Taking to TikTok, the influencer lifted the lid on her unusual sleeping habits, while revealing all the reasons she loves her coffin.

"Yes, I keep a whole real coffin in my bedroom," she announced in a recent video, before explaining she purchased it from a place called 'Casket Builder Supply' and had to paint it and put it together herself.

"Ever since I was 14 I always wanted a coffin of my own so I could hide away from my problems," she explained, before revealing her parents told her she wasn't allowed to get a coffin bed "because that would be weird."

TikToker Sad Spice is a self-proclaimed 'vampire influencer.

Sad Spice has amassed an impressive following of more than 600,000 people on TikTok by cosplaying as a vampire, so while it might be 'weird,' there are obviously a lot of people on board with it all.

You might assume the 6-foot-8-inch casket is just there for decorative purposes but you'd be wrong. The influencer has even gone as far as lining the coffin with 4 inches of memory foam, making it quite comfortable to sleep in.

"No, I don’t close the lid, however, it is not airtight. It is safe," she added.

In addition to actually making a comfortable place to rest your head, the coffin has other benefits, with the influencer explaining "it’s a great way of weeding out potentially bad dates, ’cause ain’t no one wanna hang out with someone who has a coffin in their room." Fair point.


She concluded the video by saying the coffin is "a great way to hide away from my problems," but not all her followers were convinced.

"See this, a huuuuuuuge red flag and honestly more of a sign to run away instead of walk away," one person commented.

Meanwhile, another added: "This isn’t normal, you got some trauma…this coming from a guy who’s born in Communist Transylvania."

Fortunately, plenty of people were on board with her bizarre sleeping arrangements, with one follower commenting: "Girl you are literally living my dream, the fangs, the coffin bed, I’m very happy for you."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/extrasadspice

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