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Woman shows off outfit her boss said 'reveals too much skin' leaving everyone confused

Woman shows off outfit her boss said 'reveals too much skin' leaving everyone confused

The content creator took to TikTok to ask people for their thoughts

Most work places have some kind of dress code, something which is very much dependant on the nature of the job.

Whether it be a full-blown suite and tie or more casual attire, you usually have to abide to your work's guidelines to keep your job.

Well, such guidelines can spark a lot of conversation online, with a TikToker known as @christmaskwon now entering the debate.

The content creator was at her work in Seoul, South Korea, when her boss reportedly commented on her outfit of choice.

The woman took to TikTok for advice. (TikTok/@christmaskwon)
The woman took to TikTok for advice. (TikTok/@christmaskwon)

She claims they said her outfit exposed 'too much skin' - but she didn't agree with this assessment so took to TikTok to ask for other people's thoughts.

In a now viral video, the woman is seen showcasing her outfit in a restroom, where she is dressed in black jeans, a black vest top, and a cropped cardigan which is draped over her shoulders.

"My boss just told me I'm showing too much skin," she wrote in an overlay to the video.

"Is... too much skin in a room with us?" she sarcastically added.

What do you think? (TikTok/@christmaskwon)
What do you think? (TikTok/@christmaskwon)

Social media users have flocked to the comments section of the video to rally behind the woman while also recalling their own experiences with dress code in the workplace.

When asked for context, the TikToker clarified that she works in 'customer service' where she answers 'questions through chats'.

One user recalled: "I got dress coded at a job once that HAD NO dress code. I asked what the issue was and they said 'it's not something we can say, it's just too sexual for a workplace'. I was wearing a skater dress."

A second added: "Are they taller than you? I got told this and when we discussed it, we found out when he looks down at me he sees INTO my top. So we decided to never speak of policing my outfits if we didn’t take it to HR."

While a third remarked: "I was told by my last boss we were allowed to wear leggings to work. I wore them and then the next day i was told that specifically *I* cannot wear them because, according to my boss, I’m 'too curvy.'"

Meanwhile, others tried to provide an explanation for the woman's situation.

"I think it's the fingers; the tips are showing. But seriously, you look amazing!!" one user joked.

Another commented: "It’s either the tattoos or he’s taller than you and can see into your shirt."

No matter your opinion on the outfit, it seems the debate on work attire is not dying down anytime soon.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@christmaskwon

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