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Difference between how women and men arrive for work has everyone pointing out the same thing

Difference between how women and men arrive for work has everyone pointing out the same thing

The video compared how women and men arrive at work and drew attention to one aspect of it in particular

A video posted online has people talking about the different ways in which people arrive at work.

The video shows people as they arrive at their place of work, and in this case draws attention to one big difference.

This particular format has had a lot of different iterations, whether it's the different times that everyone arrives at work, or even what all of the office dogs look like while arriving at the office.

But on this occasion the format was used in a different way entirely.

The video was posted to social media by @hd3333 and shows how men arrive at work versus how women arrive at work.

The women arrived with a lot of things. (TikTok / @hd33333)
The women arrived with a lot of things. (TikTok / @hd33333)

It was focussed on one aspect of their arrival in particular, which the poster drew attention to in the caption.

In the first half, several women arrive at the office, before being contrasted with the men in the second half.

So, what is it that people are noticing about the different ways they arrive at work?

Well, the TikToker explained it in their caption on the social media post.

They wrote: "I will never understand how guys can show up with nothing in their hands."

That's because in the video, when all the women arrived at the office they were all carrying a multitude of items.

This was usually more than one bag, combined with a drink, and sometimes more than one drink on top of the bags.

By contrast, the men who walked in were all just coming seemingly without carrying anything extra with them.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on the difference.

One wrote: "The stress of not having all your drinks and things you might need! I can't imagine."

The men didn't carry anything with them. (TikTok / @hd33333)
The men didn't carry anything with them. (TikTok / @hd33333)

Another pointed out that bringing more things means you spend less, saying: "That’s why my husband used to spend $40 a day on lunch, water, coffee, snacks, etc We save SO MUCH MONEY from working from home just because he doesn’t want to carry all that."

Meanwhile, another pointed out that there's often things to buy while at work and they're fine with that.

They wrote: "Before going to work, I check for keys, phone and wallet. I have a can of deodorant at work. There’s a coffee machine there. What else would I need?"

Another related heavily to the women bring a lot of things, writing: "I'm always carrying a laptop bag full of stuff and a lunchbox. My cousin made fun of me the other day and said I look like I'm going to a picnic when I leave for work."

Featured Image Credit: @hd333333/TikTok

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