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Woman freaking out after 'glitch in the matrix' as she tries to cut lemon

Woman freaking out after 'glitch in the matrix' as she tries to cut lemon

The TikToker was convinced she caught a 'glitch in the matrix' after trying to cut a lemon

Sometimes in life you encounter weird moments that cannot be explained in any logical way, which is exactly what happened to one woman as she tried to cut a lemon.

The unusual situations you may experience include when you put something down and it just goes missing, if you have conversations with people who don't remember speaking to you, or in this case you cut clean through a piece of fruit only to discover not a scratch on it.

This is often referred to as a ‘glitch in the Matrix', a reference to the 1999 movie The Matrix where humanity is trapped in a giant simulation and the world around us isn't really real at all.

Typically when people experience this, there's usually no evidence to back up what just happened. However, in this case, one TikToker had a camera trained on her to capture a clue that our whole lives might be a lie.

Watch it unfold in the video below:

Posting the video to her TikTok account - @kahootdaddy777 - it showed CCTV footage of her at work preparing food when the strange occurrence struck.

The woman narrated: "You can see me grabbing a lemon, right. I cut it in half and then I cut it in half once more right there.

"You can see me cut it, then I go get a bag, I grab the bag and go back for the lemon, and I grab the lemon and I touch it and I'm like 'why is it not cut in half?'

The TikToker experienced a 'glitch in the Matrix'.
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"I am freaking out because the lemon wasn't cut in half any more. It was literally intact, you can see me in the video cut the lemon in half. This has never happened to me and I don't know how to act, I'm freaking out."

All of what she described is in the video, the knife cuts through the lemon cleanly only for her to discover it's still intact.

What happened with the lemon?

Plenty of people were utterly convinced they were witnessing something unexplainable, having clearly seen the knife go through the lemon in the video.

One said the lemon must have 'literally moved and put itself back together', where as someone else was convinced it was 'a glitch or the food is alive'.

Others were less than convinced, with one person claiming the woman 'didn't slice it all the way through' and arguing that such a thin cut might not split the lemon.

Another suggested the lemon might have been stuck together after being sliced up, only making it appear to have repaired itself.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kahootdaddy777

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