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Woman urged to call the police after discovering hidden room in her house

Woman urged to call the police after discovering hidden room in her house

TikToker @bigbrah1 discovered the creepy, hidden room in a video that has now gone viral.

A woman has been urged to call the police after discovering a rather distributing hidden room in her own home.

Moving into a new home is of course an exciting, yet stressful time, but once you're all comfortable and unpacked in your new digs, it truly is a remarkable feeling.

However, you can find a few surprises, while becoming familiar with your new surroundings, as one woman on TikTok found out.

In a viral video uploaded to her TikTok account (@bigbrah1), the woman was left shocked after she discovered a secret room in her house. Watch below:

Back in October, the woman stumbled across a door in her basement bathroom, and what was on the other side she would have never expected.

The creepy hidden room was covered in children's handprints and footprints, and as she panned the camera, three names and the words 'love shack' are written with paint on the wall.

On top of that, the woman also filmed door locks from inside of the room while drawings appeared to be painted by children everywhere to be seen.

The room has led to some calling for the woman to call the police.

The woman did not detail how long she has lived in the house for, but she was evidentially stunned to come across the room.

So, unless the room was very well hidden, you'd think she hasn't been living there for too long.

She is evidentially disturbed by the discovery though, asking her TikTok followers what she should do following the discovery.

Thankfully over 3,000 people have flocked to the comments section to provide advice to the woman, though some have been left just as creeped out as she was.

In fact, some have even called on the woman to phone 911 following her discovery.

"This looks like the ultimate 90's kid hideout. Lots of us loved the song love shack by the b-52's," one person reassured.

Some did reassure the woman though.

However, a second added: "I'm abit confused. when did she find this room?? why didn't she notify the police?? clearly knew about the room."

A third penned: "Love shack?! And locks from the inside? And looks like a children’s playroom. If that ain’t sus idk what is."

While a fourth remarked: "It was either a fun little hide out, or the creepiest thing ever."

Finally, another TikTok user had the former point of view as they said: "I had a room like this as a kid above the bathroom toilet looked like a medicine cabinet. It's just storage."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/bigbrah1

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