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Streamer hit with backlash after disrespecting locals in Thailand and quickly finding out it was a bad idea
Featured Image Credit: Kick/Jino

Streamer hit with backlash after disrespecting locals in Thailand and quickly finding out it was a bad idea

The streamer had been walking down the street when he kicked a chair as he walked past, and quickly found out this unacceptable behaviour

A streamer ended up getting more than he bargained for when he disrespected people on a trip.

The travel vlogger had been recording a livestream while walking down a street in Thailand.

WARNING: Video contains bad language.

A video posted on Reddit to the page Iamthemaincharacter shows how things did not go well for him.

As he walked along the street, the man did not appear to be in a very good mood, saying, 'I don't care what it is' before knocking something over out of shot.

When he knocked over the object he said 'f**k you', before beginning to walk away, continuing on down the street.

But as he walked away and brought the camera back up to his face, things took a turn.

With the camera now focussed back on his face, a group of locals can be seen over his shoulder walking towards him quickly, while one picks up the object he knocked over.

Someone shouts after him and he turns around as the group confronts him over his behaviour.

The streamer knocked something over while walking down the street.

When he sees the group of people his tone changes abruptly.

The 'tough guy' facade is dropped very quickly, and he immediately starts saying 'I didn't mean to'.

He then tries to offer to pay for the damage telling the people confronting him 'I pay money, I pay money'.

But despite his repeated offer to pay them, none of the people who confront him is remotely impressed by his offer.

He says: "I didn't mean to destroy property, I'm sorry."

One of the people in the group approaches him and calmly tells him "we don't need your money" before scolding him, saying "you don't do this".

The tourist then apologises again, saying, 'I'm sorry' before the clip ends.

And the people who confronted him over his behaviour were not the only ones thoroughly unimpressed.

The streamer turned around to see people coming to confront him.

Many took to the comments to share their take on the incident.

One person wrote how welcoming they had found people to be in Thailand during the time they have lived there.

They wrote: "That’s so sad. Thai, and most SE Asian people in general, are really lovely as a whole.

"I’ve been living in this area for the last 6 years, and it makes me sad to see anybody take advantage of that kindness."

Another pointed out just how quickly the streamer dropped his 'tough' facade, writing: "Went from tough guy to 'I didn't mean to, I'll pay money' real f*cking fast."

A third echoed the sentiment, writing: "All fun and games until you’re not tough anymore."

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