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Man shocked after human finger suddenly appears out of his wall asking for help

Man shocked after human finger suddenly appears out of his wall asking for help

Two men were left horrified after human fingers appeared through their bathroom wall

Two men were left horrified after human fingers appeared through their bathroom wall asking for help.

There’s something about being home alone that always has that eerie feeling to it.

Even if nothing untoward has ever happened, your brain likes to turn creek and shadow into a potential threat.

Usually, it appears to be a figment of your imagination, but for these men, it was far from it.

Stories abound of people finding hidden spaces in flats where an internal wall or floor has been put in. You never know what could be hidden away.

But for Jhonny and his partner, things took a very strange turn indeed.

Jhonny, who moved to the US from Venezuela, had been at home when they heard some strange noises.

A video posted to TikTok shows the two men nervously approaching the bathroom, with a caption saying (translated): "We hear voices and noises in the bathroom."

One of the men quietly opens the door before they cautiously go in. Initially they were nervous it was something paranormal, or even a prank.

As they enter the bathroom, a man's voice can more clearly be heard speaking, with a caption indicating that the man is saying 'please help me' and 'let me out'.

A hole can then be seen in the wall just above a towel rack.

As one of the men gets closer to it, there is the sound of scraping and scuffling.

The men thought there was paranormal activity. (TikTok /@elportu)
The men thought there was paranormal activity. (TikTok /@elportu)

Then, in a shocking moment, a finger covered in plaster and dust appears through the hole, reaching out through the wall.

As if finding someone calling for help through your wall wasn't a scary enough discovery, it appears that some other individuals took an interest in the unusual circumstances that were playing out.

While the man behind the wall calls for help, the two men noticed another individual sitting on a motorbike outside, who left and entered the apartment from the side.

A caption then describes that the man left the apartment accompanied by a woman with a wig.

The men then decided it was time to call the police as something fishy was clearly going on.

Police entered the flat and came upon a chilling sight - eight people were in the flat, with the suspects saying that they had consumed 'substances'.

(TikTok / elportu)
(TikTok / elportu)

Initially, officers had treated the call as a suspected kidnapping, NBC Miami reported.

Miami Police Public Information Officer Mike Vega said: “There was a towel that was wrapped around the handle, like holding the door shut."

Vega added that the individual had admitted to creating a false story after taking a cocktail of drugs that had led to hallucinations.

Following interviews with other residents in the building, officers found that they had been staying in an 'illegal vacation rental'.

Jhonny may have more neighbour problems as he has since received threats and is nervous to continue living in the flat.

He took the terrifying incident to social media in an effort to draw further attention to what had happened.

The neighbour had claimed that the people in the flat were just friends of theirs.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@elportu

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