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Woman divides opinion filming 'leg stretches' at gym as man says 'she's what's wrong with girls'
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@yourfavouritedaughter2

Woman divides opinion filming 'leg stretches' at gym as man says 'she's what's wrong with girls'

Video shows the woman doing a 'deep squat' in the gym before a man comes up to her and tells her 'she's what's wrong with girls'

A woman has gone viral online after posting an interaction in which a man approached her at the gym and accused her of being 'what's wrong with girls'.

Madi Ruvee, who uses the handle @yourfavouritedaughter on TikTok, had been filming a video of her workout in the gym when she was approached by a man.

In the video she is in a deep squat, holding a weight and rocking back and forth, before being interrupted by a man who approaches and asks her what she is doing. Take a look:

She replies: "My leg day warm up," to which he says: "No don't give me that bullish*t, I know you know what you're doing."

He then added: "You realize you're actually what's wrong with girls?" before saying: "Keep this sh*t online."

Ruvee argued that she had been doing 'pulse squats' as part of her warm up.

However, while people were clear that the man was wrong to approach her in the way he did, they were not convinced that she had been doing 'pulse squats'.

One wrote: "After looking at pulse squats, those were not pulse squats. But why did he care so much? I would've just ignored it cuz with, not my business"

A second posted: "Fitness trainer instructor/trainer for 15 years- Never seen leg day warm up like that."

Some people were not convinced she was doing a pulse squat.
TikTok / @yourfavouritedaughter

A third said simply: "Girl what warmup is that."

But people were clear that the man had been wrong to speak to her like that, and especially to kick her phone afterwards.

One wrote: "Even if they’re not pulse squats what gives him the right to approach her like that."

A second posted: "He shouldn't have kicked your phone but seriously, come on... we all know that wasn't a leg warm up."

But one said that the man was '100% valid', and Madi hit back in a further video replying to the comment.

She said: "So just because I do [OnlyFans] I'm not allowed to stretch at the gym? Because before I started [OnlyFans] I was doing that same stretch before every leg day."

Many people called out the man's behaviour.
TikTok / @yourfavouritedaughter

Others came to her defence in the comments, with one writing: "I am so sorry this happen to you, it is rude obnoxious behavior on his behalf and at his age he should know better, I'm sorry that this happened."

A second replied: "That guy was a jerk. You have every right to stretch."

In another post to TikTok, she claims that she was doing deep squats, and added: "I don't know why we have to sexualise everything."

She also said: "It's really sad to me to see all these comments saying that I deserve something because I went to the gym and I was stretching."

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