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Nail-biting footage shows person risking hand during sensitivity testing for Hydraulic trimming machine

Nail-biting footage shows person risking hand during sensitivity testing for Hydraulic trimming machine

It's giving the internet the creeps

Nail-biting footage shows a person risking their own hand during sensitivity testing for a Hydraulic trimming machine.

Hydraulic trimming machines use a pretty gnarly mechanism to close the scissors' hardened steel blades that deliver enough power to cut even the hardest materials - let alone human bone and flesh.

So, it makes sense that the internet have been left on the very edge of their seat watching a sensor sensitivity test in action with the machine operator using their own hand as a test dummy. Check it out:

The video was subsequently shared to Reddit, where it received hundreds upon hundreds of comments from people eager to share their reactions to the clip,

One Reddit user wrote: "Absolute nope for me… I’ve never trusted anything in my life that much."

A second penned: "Damn I would have used something else then my fingers to test. Balls of steel."

Guess that's one way of looking at it.

A third chimed in: "Jesus Christ that’s not the best idea ever. I don’t care how many times it works in a row, it only takes one failure to end badly."

They make a good point.

A fourth called the test 'incredibly stupid' before explaining: "One malfunction and his fingers are gone."

"That’s too close for comfort," hit out a fifth, before asking: "Does it work with other items shaped similar to a finger?"

People were beyond baffled by the person's 'stupid' actions.

Already one step ahead with finding another object that has a similar likeness to human digits, another Reddit user responded: "Maybe try a hotdog first brother..."

The whole hotdog idea seemed to be a common piece of advice with another suggesting: "How about you test that out with a hot dog or something a little less… already attached to your body…"

Not a bad little nugget of wisdom there.

Others, however, were beyond concerned for the person's health and safety and were straight up enraged by their 'stupidity'.

One Reddit user snapped: "This is straight up f**king stupid. There is no reason to risk your fingers. Safety on these machines have a lot of redundancy. But can still have malfunctions. I still wouldn't risk it for a cool video."

"One malfunction and that person is losing all his fingers," added a second.

While it isn't known why the person decided to risk their own hand while testing out the machine, we're pretty certain nobody else will be trying this out any time soon...

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/u/artificialMuse

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