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Groom leaves people shocked as he gifts bride cape made out of $17,000 in cash at wedding
Featured Image Credit: X/PicturesForIder

Groom leaves people shocked as he gifts bride cape made out of $17,000 in cash at wedding

The groom surprised the bride with a gift at their wedding day that has shocked social media users

A groom delighted his bride and their wedding guests by giving his bride a wonderful gift on their wedding day.

The video surfaced online of a couple getting married in the Philippines, with all the loved ones gathered around the happy couple.

It begins with the groom opening up a suitcase and producing a large sheet which is big enough to stretch out all the way across the room.

The sheet was absolutely enormous, around the size of a large rug or carpet, and made entirely out of money.

In fact, it was a bundle of one million Philippine pesos, around $17,300, which had been laid out in the sheet.

Towards the end of the video, the groom drapes the sheet over the bride's shoulders before fastening it in place with a pair of red ribbons attached to the front two corners.

By the end, the bride is wearing the cash as an enormous bridal train made entirely out of banknotes.

It might have been large enough to pass for a carpet, but it was actually a cape which forms part of a filipino wedding tradition.

So what is the purpose behind it?

The groom drapes it around the bride's shoulders. (X / @PicturesFoIder)
The groom drapes it around the bride's shoulders. (X / @PicturesFoIder)

This tradition is called the 'money dance', and is a ceremony during the reception where the newlyweds dance together for the first time.

There are a few ways that couples can decide to go about it, but the central theme of it is that the newlyweds wear money in some form or another.

Some couples will have a slow dance while family members pin cash to their wedding garments.

Meanwhile others, like this couple, will take a slightly different and potentially more extravagant approach to their money dance.

This entails family actually making a cloak or cape like the one in the video out of dollar bills.

The bride wearing the cloak. (X / @PicturesFoIder)
The bride wearing the cloak. (X / @PicturesFoIder)

Of course, the longer the cape the more money you will need to assemble it.

So we've established that this is a wedding tradition, but what is the significance of it?

The tradition is intended as way of wishing the newly married couple financial prosperity in their marriage.

Think of it a bit like a symbolic and literal way of giving them a financial start in their new life together, like wedding gifts but in garment form.

It's also a way to wish the happy couple a bit of general good fortune together.

The Philippines is not the only country to have the tradition of a 'money dance'.

Countries including Ukraine, Poland, and Hungary have a similar tradition, as well as Nigeria and Mexico.

People shared some thoughts in the comments.

One wrote: "I hope my future wife doesn’t see this unless ima be rich enough to do it too."

A second commented: "Future husband I hope you see this."

A third replied: "If its not like this I don't want it."

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