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Golfer rips off shirt and shows his muscles before challenging another player to a fight

Golfer rips off shirt and shows his muscles before challenging another player to a fight

The golfer lost his cool on the course, tearing off his shirt and offering to fight all comers

A golfer has gone viral after absolutely losing his s*** during an on-course row over a ball, ripping his shirt off and offering to fight anyone who disagreed with him.

Here’s the video, so you can see his meltdown for yourself.

Now, anyone who has ever played the game knows that golf is a supremely frustrating sport.

Even the professionals, who are playing on a completely different planet, have moments where they feel as if they’ve got no option other than to hurl their clubs into the water and walk off the course, leaving the game behind forever.

So, what chance do us amateurs have?

Still, it’s not about how good you are at golf – as nearly all leisure golfers will tell you – it’s about doing your best, spending time with your friends, sinking a couple of beers in the sunshine, and – if you’re lucky – hitting enough good shots to keep you coming back for another go.

You’ll notice that we said ‘nearly’ all amateur golfers there, because there are some absolute fruitcakes who take even a casual round way too seriously, and can become aggressive and annoyed - especially when they’re not playing too well.

This guy definitely seems to fit into that category.

The whole thing started because of an argument about a ball.

He’s gone viral after a video of him arguing with other golfers was shared on TikTok.

It seems as if the argument started because of a dispute over a ball, but boy did it escalate quickly.

Announcing the start of the video, one of the unseen golfers can be heard to say: "We got a Karen on the golf course right now."

We can see a man in a green shirt holding a golf ball, repeatedly stating that he isn’t going to give it back to the other group.

“You took her ball!” one exclaims.

"Dude, I’m not going to fight you over a f***ing golf ball,” a man can be heard saying.

The green-shirted man responds: "You’re right, you’re not going to, Walter, because I’ll plant you, b**** boy.

“Now get the f*** off the cart!"

It’s at this point that the angry man takes things nuclear.

Ripping his shirt off to reveal his bare chest, the man shouts: "You see that? If you wanna test God, you f***ing come get it, s***stack!"

It's fair to say the situation accelerated pretty fast.

Someone from the other group then says: “OK, he’s mentally ill, let’s move on.”

As the video ends, the carts carrying the other group drive off, and the livid golfer stands there, shirt off, gurning as they pass.

Hopefully – at some point – the ridiculousness of the situation dawned upon him, and he’ll remember this incident next time he gets seriously bent out of shape on the golf course.

It seems unlikely though.

After all, it’s only a game, and it’s a game that is mostly about how many beers you can sink whilst still being able to retain safe control of a golf cart.

Oh, you thought it was about getting the ball into the hole?

Featured Image Credit: @‌Kennethdavis8680/TikTok

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