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Eerie footage shows 'person made of smoke' appearing on security camera
Featured Image Credit: Reddit / u/Ixsotl

Eerie footage shows 'person made of smoke' appearing on security camera

The undeniably creepy video has sparked an online debate

If you spotted some eerie footage on your security camera, what's the first thing you'd do?

Post it online, of course!

And a Redditor has done just that and taken to the social media platform to share the video to get people's thoughts.

In the clip that was taken at 1:35am in recent days, a creepy mist appears to form in the poster's kitchen.

"I got a notification at 1:35 am," she wrote.

"This mist was dense enough to trigger my camera. To thick for a vape.

"Nobody smokes in the house. No smoke alarms triggered in the home."

In the clip, a smokey figure can be seen on the right hand side that definitely appears to be moving.

It then just randomly disappears into thin air - and some people have been freaked out by the clip (myself included).

"I'm sure it's nothing. Go back to sleep. What could possibly go wrong?" quipped one person.

"I would normally say this is a bug, but the way it seems to dissipate and how slowly it happens is super weird and not bug-like at all," added another.

A strange white figure was seen lurking around.

"That is likely a demon!" said someone else.

"Literally they travel in black smoke when they are not possessing something."

A fourth went on: "Toward the end it looks like it coalesces into a human form - left arm and shoulder. Good catch."

But not everyone is convinced that it's anything sinister.

Someone suggested: "Looks like a droplet of some kind hit the lens and evaporated. Automatic air freshener?"

"Could this be lens flare from an outside source, like a car making a slow turn outside?" questioned another.

A third said: "It's not mist. It's light hitting the camera lens. You have a window or reflective surface in the unseen side of the room?"

People commented on the Reddit post to share their thoughts.

It's not uncommon for 'ghosts' to appear on people's security cameras, and one ordeal in New Hampshire last month saw police rock up to the scene.

On CCTV at The Library Restaurant in downtown Portsmouth, the restaurant - said to be 'well known for its ghosts' - a strange mist comes across the camera.

But the camera motion actually set off the establishment's indoor motion detectors for the first time, which sparked law enforcement to come see what was going on.

There are apparently tales of a 'lady in white' that has been spotted in the hallways of the library over the years, but this hasn't been confirmed...

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