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Restaurant sparks debate after charging extra to adults who are ‘unable to parent’
Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Image/Reddit/LPineapplePizzaLover

Restaurant sparks debate after charging extra to adults who are ‘unable to parent’

A Georgia-based restaurant has people talking with its controversial surcharge

Undeniably, bad parents who let their kids run wild in a restaurant are pretty annoying.

Usually when this happens the parents might be met with some side eyes and passive aggressive sighs, but one restaurant is actually charging them for such a thing.

Toccoa River Restaurant in Blue Ridge, Georgia, USA, advertised a surcharge on its menus for 'adults unable to parent'.

The price isn't disclosed though and simply advertised as being '$$$'.

The establishment also appears to have a $3 surcharge for sharing meals, and adds a 20 percent gratuity for parties of over six, if you need separate cheques and if you opt for the 'birthday menu'.

Toccoa Riverside Restaurant has a bad parenting surcharge.

While the Toccoa River Restaurant offers a discounted rate for customers who pay cash, it does charge a 3.5 percent non-cash adjustment fee for those who pay card.

A picture of the menu was shared on Reddit and, in usual Reddit-fashion, it has sparked an online debate.

One Redditor shared a screenshot online.

"This restaurant charges you extra for bad parenting," someone penned as the caption as they shared the image on a r/mildyinteresting thread.

The surcharge may have been put on as a tongue-in-cheek remark, but it hasn't gone down well with some.

"Passive-aggressive declarations where they really don't belong always trigger a bit of sympathetic embarrassment for me," one person wrote.

"Actual adults running a business decided to write this insipid s**t on something they are going to hand to everyone who walks in the door. Amazing."

Another said: "If I read this at a restaurant I would probably leave. Charge for unruly kids and a 'share charge $3' like who cares if I wanna share my food once I pay for it?"

The restaurant advertises a surcharge of '$$$'.

"If I saw that I would leave and go somewhere else," a third went on.

Another added: "This is an absolute trap, I'm leaving quickly regardless of wether my child is there or not."

Others also hit out at the various other surcharges detailed on the menu.

One said: "The food must be amazing for people to put up with the attitude on the menu."

UNILAD has contacted Toccoa River Restaurant for comment.

While not everyone agrees with the charges, one server who took to social media agrees that you should pay 20 percent gratuity on top of your bill.

TikToker @mylasoasis_ explains said in a video shared to the platform: "If you cannot afford to tip 20 percent, you cannot afford to eat out."

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