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Family of Four Seasons Orlando baby speak out after she goes incredibly viral

Family of Four Seasons Orlando baby speak out after she goes incredibly viral

The viral clip is only eight seconds long, but it's provided entertainment for millions

"Who wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando?!"

If this question doesn't immediately make you want to shout 'meeee!', then you've been missing out.

The exchange is one that's gone viral on TikTok after mom Bailey Wise asked the question to her husband, Will, their 4-year-old daughter, Madelyn, and their almost-13-month-old baby, Kate.

In response, the little baby raises her hand while in her dad's arms and yells: "Meee!"

You might have expected the kids to respond excitedly if Bailey had asked something like 'who wants to go to Disney', but the fact they got so excited about the prospect of merely going to a hotel is what makes this eight-second clip so special.

Since Stefanie O’Brien, Kate's aunt, posted the clip to TikTok last week it's racked up more than 40 million views and a stream of delighted comments.

"How does [s]he know what four seasons orlando is, I don't even know what it looks like," one baffled viewer wrote.

Another viewer joked about just how eloquent the child was in her excitement, writing: "[I] would be delighted mother to accompany you on this exhilarating excursion to the four seasons Orlando I will be sure to pack the acquired necessities for our trip. My excitement is palpable."

After the clip went viral and earned Kate the nickname of 'Four Seasons Orlando Baby', Bailey spoke to Rolling Stone and described the entire series of events as a 'whirlwind'.

“We don’t post much on social media,” she said. “My husband came downstairs Saturday morning saying, ‘I just got a text. Did you know we’re viral and trending?’ It was a whirlwind."

Bailey explained that the video started with a couple of thousands views, but before long it had reached the millions.

"It’s just been out of control the last 24, 48 hours," she continued.

The mom-of-two revealed that the video was initially sent in a private family chat in an attempt to convince her parents to join them at the hotel.

This is the face of a baby who wants to go to the Four Season Orlando. (TikTok/@sobrizzle)
This is the face of a baby who wants to go to the Four Season Orlando. (TikTok/@sobrizzle)

However, it made its way to TikTok after Bailey's mom forwarded it to Stefanie, who then shared it on the social media platform.

Stefanie commented: “I was watching the video and I was like, ‘Maybe it’s not just our family group chat who would think this is funny.'”

Of course, one of the main questions that has come from the video is exactly how a 13-month-old baby knows what the Four Seasons Orlando is.

And if you didn't know yourself, I can tell you that the Four Seasons is one of the more high-end hotels in the Orlando area, located within Disney World.

Bailey explained that the family had been to stay at the fancy hotel while they were building a house in the Tampa area, and were able to take advantage of some 'Florida resident rates'.

The family are now in touch with the Four Seasons Orlando to arrange their next stay, with the hotel noting that it has received a 'healthy increase in engagement and growth on their social channels' in the wake of the clip.

I think it's safe to say Kate will be looking forward to her stay!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/sobrizzle

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