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Daughter pranks ‘superhero’ mom with 'Airbnb' which is actually her first home

Daughter pranks ‘superhero’ mom with 'Airbnb' which is actually her first home

Nyomi Jackson had a vision of seeing her family in her new home, and decided to prank her mom to make it happen

A mischievous daughter left her mom almost lost for words when she revealed the 'Airbnb' the mom thought they were visiting was actually her first home.

Parents have lots of opportunities to be proud of their children, but Nyomi Jackson really wanted to make the most of the milestone of buying her first home by, well, not telling her mom straight away.

Nyomi bought the home in Jacksonville, Florida, last year, but it took months to finalize all the details, move in, and decorate the house to make it her own.

All the while, she kept the project secret from family members, including her mom, Wanda Fields, and her younger sister, Nia.

Earlier this year, Nyomi invited her mom and sister to Jacksonville under the pretence that they would be staying in an Airbnb, and filmed them walking into the home for a video later shared on TikTok.

Wanda had no idea whose home she was standing in.

Recalling the prank to Good Morning America, Nyomi said: "What many of you see in the video is my mom. She's coming in from Virginia, where she currently resides, as well as my younger sister Nia, to come spend some time at what they think is an Airbnb with the rest of our family, in celebration of my mom's birthday.

"But what she doesn't know ... is that I [had] actually moved into the house within the last three previous weeks.

"I would take calls in my closet. … My mom would call and I'd go into a small area so she couldn't hear the echo," Nyomi continued. "I just needed them to realize the full vision all at once. And so … based on my mom's reaction, I think I did a pretty good job."

Wanda quickly clocked that the home contained a few items she recognized as her daughter's, but it wasn't until Nyomi revealed that the spacious dwelling was actually her own property that Wanda realized what was going on.

Wanda was over the moon at Nyomi's revelation.

"This is my house," Nyomi revealed, leaving Wanda stood motionless in shock.

"No it isn't," she responded, struggling to comprehend the surprise taking place before her.

Nyomi told Good Morning America her mom had always told her and her sisters to 'move toward' any visions that they have, explaining: "I knew I had a vision of my family being in my house."

Wanda admitted she still watches the video of her being surprised to make her happy, recalling: "Everyone was celebratory of her, of her success, our family, friends from all over the world, and it just touches me, and it just makes me happy. It makes me cry."

Nyomi, who along with her sisters was raised singlehandedly by their mom in a one-bedroom apartment in New York City, described Wanda as her 'biggest superhero'.

"For my mom to see me purchase my first house and do something really incredible, I think it speaks volumes to what's possible," Nyomi said.

"If you have a vision, you stick to it and you make it happen."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/nyomispeaks

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