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Woman who got 64 Amazon packages she didn't order explains how it happened
Featured Image Credit: @oliviamccdouglass/TikTok

Woman who got 64 Amazon packages she didn't order explains how it happened

Nicknamed 'flag girl', Olivia explained the mystery behind the parcels

There’s such disappointment when we excitedly answer the door to a delivery driver and discover it’s actually just for our neighbour.

Like how many pairs of sandals do you need, Susan? And why are you ordering them when you’re never home?

But it’s not that bad to just take in the occasional parcel for someone else.

However, for TikToker Olivia Douglass, it became a nightmare when dozens and dozens showed up at her door – addressed to a stranger.

The 64 Amazon packages – yes, 64 – were addressed to her house but not to someone who lived there.

And when she contacted the site they told her to just keep hold of them, but that didn’t exactly solve the mystery of why they were showing up.

They weren’t even exactly useful items for her – Olivia had landed boxes and boxes of flags. She even wrote in her TikTok bio: “I now identify as flag girl.”

Olivia and her husband received hundreds.
@oliviamccdouglass / TikTok

After the mystery sent her viral, she eventually followed up with an explanation.

She said in a TikTok that Amazon apologised and wanted ‘to make it right’.

Seeing the funny side, Olivia told them she wasn’t mad about it – despite her husband pushing to get something out of them in return.

She explained the seller decided to use her address.
@oliviamccdouglass / TikTok

Turns out, a seller - ‘probably not in the states’ - has their flags stored in the Amazon warehouses, who ship them on their behalf.

But ‘for whatever reason’ the seller decided to close up.

Olivia explained: “Amazon then ships the packages back to the seller. The seller is likely overseas, right? We still think this.

“But we think this because they cherrypicked my address. Because if they sell them to my address instead of overseas, it’s going to be less.”

So, she reckons the seller didn’t want to pay the fees of being overseas and picked a random place to use as their address. And this just happened to be Olivia’s home.

“So that’s why I got all the flags, Amazon are very sorry.”

She also revealed the company gave her some money to spend on the site ‘which was very kind of them’.

Olivia joked: “I’m special, my address was cherry picked by someone.”

One TikTok user joked her becoming an ‘Amazon seller for flags seems like the most logical thing to do’.

But one asked an important question: “So… can we still call you flag girl?”

And Olivia responded: “Forever and always.”

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