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Dunkin' Donuts worker shows everything she eats 'in a day at work' and it's left people shocked

Dunkin' Donuts worker shows everything she eats 'in a day at work' and it's left people shocked

TikTok users were left stunned after seeing the video created on the job at Dunkin'

A Dunkin' employee who created a 'What I Eat in a Day' TikTok while at work left people stunned with how much she managed to get through.

If you've ever worked in a restaurant, cafe or food chain, chances are you've been asked, "do you get to eat the food?"

The answer to this depends on the job, as businesses have different rules on whether their employees can eat during their shifts, and on how much it would cost them.

However, one business that apparently doesn't mind employees eating or drinking while at work is Dunkin', as indicated by one employee who takes full advantage of the menu.

TikTok user and Dunkin' employee Avani has created a number of videos while on the job, with the caption reading: "What I eat in a day working at Dunkin'."

While most famous for its donuts, Dunkin' also offers a range of sandwiches and snacks, including croissants, muffins, bagels and wraps, as well as its large selection of drinks.

It would probably be hard to resist tucking into one or two of these treats if you were working around them all day, but Avani takes that to the next level in her video where she ticks off multiple menu items.

Avani tried a range of items from the Dunkin' menu.

In the one-minute clip, the worker starts off with a plain bagel topped with cream cheese, bacon and cheese before tucking in to two glazed 'munchkins' - aka little donut bites.

She then indulges her sweet tooth a bit more by eating a whoopie pie donut, then returns to the savory with another bagel and avocado toast.

That would be more than enough for some people, but Avani had to end on something sweet, opting for a chocolate muffin.

And that's only the food.

The worker also enjoys a whole array of drinks throughout her shift, including a small caramel iced coffee, a mango green tea refresher, a large frozen chocolate, a blue raspberry energy punch, a mango refresher with coconut milk, more iced coffee, a cookie butter cold foam iced coffee, a strawberry dragon fruit refresher and a small hot chocolate.

Did you even know Dunkin' had that many drinks?

Getting through so much of the menu is an impressive achievement, and the video has left viewers absolutely stunned.

"My stomach would be in shambles," one person wrote after seeing the video on X.

"Damn how long is her shift?," another asked, while a third wrote: "Ain’t no way! How?!"

Though Avani implied in the caption of her video that it included everything she'd eaten in a single day, eagle-eyed TikTok users have spotted a hole in her claim.

Viewers have noticed that Avani's nails change throughout the clip, indicating that she didn't really get through as much as it first seems.

In response to one viewer who said there was 'no way' Avani finished all of her drinks, the TikToker admitted: "Yeah no way ill take a few sips throw it out and make something new."

Though Avani's 'what I eat' video isn't quite as shocking as it seems, viewers who are familiar with working at Dunkin' have claimed that Avani likely would have had to pay for at least some of the items she was indulging in, so the fact she ate so much is still quite a commitment.

UNILAD has contacted Dunkin' for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@avanireyes

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