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Dubai millionaire’s wife complains about life with a man who ‘loves treating her and buying things all the time’
Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/@soudiofarabia

Dubai millionaire’s wife complains about life with a man who ‘loves treating her and buying things all the time’

TikTok user Soudi regularly shares insights into what life is really like with her millionaire husband

A lot of people dream about being married to a millionaire, but one woman who achieved that dream has claimed it's not always as good as it seems.

Though the fact her husband 'loves buying [her] things and loves treating' her probably makes it a little bit easier to deal with.

TikTok user Soudi has amassed more than one million followers on TikTok by sharing videos about her life in Dubai with her millionaire husband, Jamal.

Soudi moved to Dubai with her family when she was six years old, and met Jamal at university.

Earlier this week, Soudi posted a 'Get Ready With Me' video in which she spoke about why she makes TikToks when she's 'so rich', and about her life as the wife of a millionaire.

Discussing her life in UAE, Soudi praised Dubai's '10/10' safety and weather, and said she 'loved being able to wear whatever [she] wants and not have to worry'.

Though Dubai's tourist site agrees that 'all attires are generally acceptable', people are advised to dress 'conservatively' when visiting historical areas and cultural sites.

Soudi has previously spoken about the 'requirement' to spend as much money as possible.

Soudi explains she makes TikToks because she 'loves sharing' her life with viewers, plus she has the time due to the fact she does not work a full time job.

However, she indicated there are some tough parts of being married to a millionaire, and in fact equated the relationship to a 9-5.

"Being a millionaire's wife is quite literally a full-time job," Soudi said, adding: "I really don't think that I could ever work a full time job in my life.

"That's okay because everyone's different. I'd quite literally rather cry in my Lamborghini than cry on the bus."

The TikToker told viewers it was 'actually really hard' being a millionaire's wife, mostly due to the 'cultural expectations' put on her from both her husband Jamal and his family.

"There are so many misconceptions, but I guess I'm just used to it by now," Soudi said.

While Soudi has received some criticism and negativity from trolls online, she made clear that the only person she's interested in making happy is her husband.

“Having to look ten out of ten for my husband is very important to me," she said, before adding: "I really can't help it that Jamal just loves buying me things and loves treating me. Honestly, it's just the Arab-Muslim way."

Soudi has previously shared other videos discussing the 'exhausting requirements’ of being a millionaire’s wife, which include wearing painful 'diamond encrusted' shoes, being expected to 'spend as much money as possible' and having to 'always be hungry to eat Michelin starred food'.

While I could probably go without the diamond-encrusted shoes, that last requirement is one I am prepared for.

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