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Diner left outraged as restaurant adds 'hidden surcharge' to food bill

Diner left outraged as restaurant adds 'hidden surcharge' to food bill

An Aussie diner fumed after having to fork out an amount most people would be happy to pay

A diner has been left outraged after a restaurant slapped them with a 'hidden surcharge'.

We've all been there, you're out for a meal and when the bill comes along you get hit with a sneaky surplus on top of the expected tip.

Personally, I choose to tip regardless of the service and I always go 10 percent over - guys, I'm a Brit, that's good for us.

Well, one Aussie has slammed the shady surcharge practice used by many in the hospitality industry.

Tipping is already a controversial topic. (Getty Stock Image)
Tipping is already a controversial topic. (Getty Stock Image)

Taking to Reddit, they wrote: "Correct me if I’m wrong, but a few years ago, eftpos [electronic funds transfer at point of sale] fees or any surcharges were displayed very clearly at the counter.

"In fact, staff would usually go out of their way to let us know if there was a surcharge, how much it was for, and why it was there.

"Now it seems nothing is actually priced the amount they advertise. Retailers are always adding some fees, even my local coffee shop will tack on an additional 15c to my order."

A diner fumed that they had to pay 'hidden surcharges'. (Reddit/u/WhisperingCorn)
A diner fumed that they had to pay 'hidden surcharges'. (Reddit/u/WhisperingCorn)

They added: "The fees are never explained nor are they listed anywhere in the shop, they just hand you the eftpos machine without saying a word."

The post gained a lot of attention and the majority of commenters also fumed, with one saying that Australia is 'fast becoming like America where you have to do mental math to know what you will pay at the till'.

But the original poster wasn't finished there.

They continued: "I can't help but feel scammed. If shop staff were clear about the surcharges I’d still pay, but they’re being so hush hush. Is this even legal?

"I wonder how much money I’m actually spending on fees a year now.

"Pic for attention. Almost bloody $4 in fees and not a single sign to be spotted. I noticed when I saw how much the transaction was on my phone and because I thought, surely my meal wouldn’t have added up to that much?"

Their order of a 'beef classic pepper rice', and a Pepsi Max came to a total of $36.95AUD ($24.62) but came to a grand total of $40.97AUD ($27.30) - an increase of $4.02AUD ($2.68).

However, an extra $3.70AUD ($2.47) was slapped on the bill titled 'Saturday Surcharge 2024' while 32cAUD (21c) was placed on top of the bill titled 'All Cards Surcharge'.

While it doesn't seem a lot, it can be a little annoying. And it seems the internet agrees - we're happy to pay for these things but please just be up front with us, that's all we're asking for!

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/@WhisperingCorn/Getty Stock Image

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