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Man claims he's a cyborg from 2050 sent to warn humans about apocalypse

Man claims he's a cyborg from 2050 sent to warn humans about apocalypse

The 'cyborg time traveller' named Orrin took to the Dr Phil show to spread his message

A 'cyborg from the year 2050' says he has been sent back in time to warn humans about the upcoming apocalypse.

Yes this is for real, kind of.

So there is a man out there named Orrin who is totally convinced that the world is a 'simulation' and that life as we know it will diminish in 2050.

Hear him out:

Well, the concept of an apocalypse is nothing new and is one that dates back to the Jewish and Christian writings of 200 b.c. to a.d. 150.

The word was 'assumed to make revelations of the ultimate divine purpose.'

However, what Orrin is referring to is an 'environmental apocalypse', a point in time when the world comes to an end.

Taking to Dr Phil back in 2020, Orrin said: "We are a collective conscious and it is our collective responsibility to guide Earth from the apocalypse in 2050.

As for how we escape the Matrix, he added: "We need revolution. Right now, the current system, such as socio-political status, has put people who look and sound a certain way down.

"We must change the entire institution and framework in order for us to value things such as greater good, such as society, such as the environment, such as uplifting communities."


As expected, the self-proclaimed 'cyborg' was widely mocked, prompting him to take part in a YouTube interview with a channel called ApexTV, where he reiterated his claims.

During his appearance on ApexTV - a channel that often features people claiming to be from the future - Orrin was asked questions including ‘is there a Matrix?’, ‘why is the corporation trying to divide us?’ and ‘how can humanity escape the Matrix?’.

Orrin replied: “We are being kept down by a corporation. They are lying to us through marketing schemes and propaganda to hate ourselves, to divide us based on gender, race, sexuality, identity and preference.”


Commenting on the unique interview on social media, one person wrote: "Why are people laughing at him, maybe he really want to help us.

"I have nothing to lose if I believe him, but not believing him could become catastrophic in future if he is really a cyborg."

Another added: "I don't doubt anything at this point in time. Everything is a possibility. Our government proves it to us every day. Lol."

Obviously not everyone was buying it, as a third commented: "He's pretty fluent for this all to be some made up delusion."

A fourth chimed: "I most amazed at the fact that he didn't laugh not once."

To be fair, earlier this month the Mexican government was presented with two alleged 'alien corpses', so who are we to say what is possible and what is not.

Featured Image Credit: CBS

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